ILD 4001 and 4120 LED Controllers

ILD4001 and ILD4120 are step down LED controller ICs for external power stages

Image of Infineon Technologies' ILD 4001 & 4120 LED ControllersInfineon's ILD4001 and ILD4210 are hysteretic buck LED controller ICs for industrial applications realized in a bipolar IC technology. The LED controller is capable to drive external bipolar or MOSFET power transistors (ILD4001) and high current, high brightness LEDs up to 1200 mA (ILD4120). The IC incorporates a wide input voltage range and the output current level can be adjusted with an external sense resistor. According to the multifunctional control pin the IC can be switched on and off by an external signal, which is also suitable to regulate brightness of the LEDs by PWM dimming. Depending on the value of the switching inductor, the switching frequency and the voltage ripple could be set. The precise internal band-gap stabilizes the circuit and provides stable current conditions over temperature range. Furthermore, over voltage protection and temperature shut down mechanisms enable the IC to protect attached LEDs.

Additional features are included to protect the LEDs from overload, short circuit events, and from over voltage. The LEDs can also be protected against thermal overload by thermally coupling the LEDs to a controller.

  • Wide input voltage range: 4.5 V to 40 V
  • Over voltage protection
  • Temperature shut down mechanism
  • Soft-start capability
  • Low shut down current < 200 nA in operating voltage range
  • Multifunctional enable pin
  • Analog and PWM dimming possible
  • PWM control for LED brightness possible
  • Typical 3% output current accuracy
  • Minimum external component required
  • Residential architectural and industrial commercial lighting for indoor and outdoor
  • Signal and marker lights for orientation or navigation (e.g. steps, exit ways, etc.)
  • LED Controller for industrial applications
  • Universal constant current source
  • General illumination

ILD4001 - ILD4120

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeTopologyAvailable Quantity
ILD4001E6327HTSA1 datasheet linkIC LED DRVR CTRLR DIM 30MA SC74ILD4001E6327HTSA1IC LED DRVR CTRLR DIM 30MA SC74DC DC ControllerStep-Down (Buck)10003 - Immediate
ILD4001E6327HTSA1 product page link
ILD4120E6327XUMA1 datasheet linkIC LED DRVR RGLTR DIM 1.2A 8DSOILD4120E6327XUMA1IC LED DRVR RGLTR DIM 1.2A 8DSODC DC RegulatorStep-Down (Buck)0ILD4120E6327XUMA1 product page link
Published: 2013-07-02