Switch Mode Power Supply: CoolMOS™

Infineon Technologies offers a wide range of products including high voltage MOSFETs (CoolMOS™), MOSFET driver ICs (EiceDRIVER™), control ICs Silicon Carbide Diodes (thinQ!™) for use in various PFC and PWM topologies along with low voltage MOSFETs (OptiMOS™) for synchronous rectification. With these products Infineon keeps up with the continuous increase of energy consumption and the imperative requirement for power savings.

The new 600V CoolMOS™ C7 continues the previous 650V C7 family in bringing best-in-class performance to PFC topologies, but unlike the 650V C7 it can also achieve highest efficiency in high performance in resonant topologies such as LLC. The worlds best Ron∗A (<1Ω.mm²) enables new best-in-class RDS(on)/package such as 40mΩ in TO-220. Also in combination with new innovative packages such as TO-247 4pin (using sense source concept), enables even higher efficiencies to be achieved at power >500W. The lowest Coss and Qg values of the CoolMOS™ C7 enable moving up in switching frequency without the penalty in efficiency, helping in system power density and cost challenges by reducing magnetic component size.

For low-mid power range CoolMOS™ CE, for higher power cost/performace SMPS CoolMOS™ P6 are recommended and like the 600V C7 both series are very flexible and can be used in both PFC and PWM stages.

For synchronous  rectification the OptiMOS™ series offers low on-state resistances and capacitances and can also be used with EiceDRIVER™ gate driver ICs. For PFC stage  C7 combined with SiC Gen 5 is recommended. Whereas Infineon Control ICs support topologies such as PFC, LLC and quasi-resonant flyback.

Infineon OptiMOS

Features for your SMPS Applications

  • Offers a significant reduction of conduction and switching losses
  • Enables high power density and efficiency for superior power-conversion systems
  • Best-in-class price/performance ratio
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600V CoolMOS™ C7

The new 600V CoolMOS™ C7 MOSFET series from Infineon with 50% lower Eoss losses than 600V CoolMOS™ CP performing similar to GaN and brings new levels of efficiency. 600V C7 can be used in both PFC stages and high end PWM stages, helping you to bundle and cost down your designs.

RDS(on) [mΩ] TO-220 TO-247 TO-247 4pin
180/185 IPP60R180C7 IPW60R180C7  
99/104 IPP60R099C7 IPW60R099C7 IPZ60R099C7
40 IPP60R040C7 IPW60R040C7 IPZ60R040C7

Especially in hard switching topologies like PFC and ITTF low losses are present due to best in class RDS(on) and Eoss values, but unlike the 650V C7, the 600V CoolMOS™ C7 also performs well in soft switching topologies due to low Qoss and QG . In both the PFC and PWM stages CoolMOS™ products are the perfect fit.

Due to the lowest Coss and Qg values, CoolMOS™ C7 series enables increasing the switching frequency without penalty in efficiency. From a system perspective this means power density and BOM cost savings through use of smaller magnetic components. Moving from 65kHz to 130kHz can give material cost savings in the magnetics components of up to 30%.

Furthermore, the 600V CoolMOS™ C7 with its smaller packages and lower RDS(on) x A values (like the 40mΩ in TO-220) than any other SuperJunction MOSFET, brings benefits in scalability and modularity of designs, even for higher power range and saves your application package costs due to smaller designs.

The use of the 600V C7 technology with innovative packages such as TO-247 4pin also bring options in increasing efficiency even further or taking advantage of the combination and keeping efficiency the same but saving costs by moving up in RDS(on).

600V Application Icons

Balancing High Performance with Ease of Use

With the CoolMOS™ P6 Infineon extends its market leading CoolMOS™ portfolio, setting new benchmarks in the price/performance Superjunction segment. The new and highly innovative product family is designed to enable higher system efficiency while being easy to design in.

CoolMOS™ P6 closes the gap between technologies which focus on delivering ultimate performance, such as the high performance CoolMOS™ CP, and those which concentrate more on ease of use, for example CoolMOS™ C6/E6.

The new devices provide high performance in hard and soft switching PFC and PWM topologies in applications such as server, telecom rectifier, PC Silverbox and gaming consoles. Moreover, with its granular portfolio, the CoolMOS™ P6 family offers the best price/performance ratio of any Superjunction technology available on the market today.

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Product Portfolio CoolMOS™ 600V P6

  TO-252 DPAK
TO-220 FullPAK
TO-220 FullPAK
600 mΩ IPD60R600P6 IPP60R600P6 IPA60R600P6  
190/210 mΩ   IPP60R190P6 IPA60R190P6 IPW60R190P6

Target Applications

  • Reduced gate charge (Qg)
  • Higher Vth
  • Good body diode ruggedness
  • Optimized integrated Rg
  • Improved dv/dt from 50V/ns 
  • CoolMOS™ quality with over 12 years manufacturing experience in Superjunction technology

Product Features

  • Improved efficiency, especially in light load condition
  • Better efficiency in soft-switching applications due to earlier turn-off
  • Suitable for hard- and soft-switching topologies
  • Optimized balance of efficiency and ease of use and good controllability of switching behavior
  • High robustness and better efficiency
  • Outstanding quality and reliability


  • PFC stages for server, telecom rectifier, PC Silverbox, gaming consoles
  • PWM stages (TTF, LLC) for server, telecom rectifier, PC Silverbox, gaming consoles

A New Market Leading Generation of Superjunction MOSFETs

Combining the experience of the leading Superjunction MOSFET supplier with high class innovation, Infineon widens CoolMOS™ portfolio offering new 500V CoolMOS™ CE series. As a new technology platform on market leading high voltage power MOSFETs, the new devices provide all benefits of fast switching Superjunction MOSFETs while not sacrificing ease of use.

In price sensitive and targeted applications such as Consumer, PC Silverboxes and Lighting, 500V CoolMOS™ CE offers the best price-performance ratio on the market while meeting higher efficiency standards.

Delivering all benefits of a modern Superjunction MOSFET such as low area specific on-state resistance and reduced energy stored in output capacitance, the 500V CoolMOS™ CE series provides a high body diode ruggedness, achieves extremely low conduction and switching losses and can make switching applications more efficient, more compact, lighter and cooler.

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Product Portfolio CoolMOS™ 500V CE

  TO-220 FullPAK
TO-220 FullPAK
950 mΩ IPA50R950CE IPD50R950CE     IPU50R950CE
800 mΩ IPA50R800CE IPD50R800CE      
650 mΩ IPA50R650CE IPD50R650CE      
500 mΩ IPA50R500CE IPD50R500CE IPP50R500CE    
380 mΩ IPA50R380CE IPD50R380CE IPP50R380CE    
280 mΩ IPA50R280CE IPD50R280CE IPP50R280CE IPW50R280CE  
190 mΩ IPA50R190CE   IPP50R190CE IPW50R190CE  

Target Applications

  • Reduced energy stored in output capacitance (Eoss)
  • High body diode ruggedness
  • Reduced reverse recovery charge (Qrr)
  • Reduced gate charge (Qg)

Product Features

  • Easy control of switching behavior
  • Better light load efficiency compared to previous CoolMOS™ generations
  • Cost attractive alternative compared to standard MOSFETs
  • Outstanding quality and reliability of CoolMOS™ technology


  • Consumer
  • Lighting
  • PC Silverbox

Market-Leading, Best-in-Class On-Resistance per Package

With the new 650 V CoolMOS™ C7 series, Infineon settles a new level of performance in hard-switching applications such as Power Factor Correction (PFC). It is the successor to the CP series and provides efficiency benefits across the whole load range through balancing a number of key parameters.

What does C7 offer?

30% less switching losses in comparison to its best in class predecessor CoolMOS™ CP for SMPS

100% higher robustness than our CoolMOS™ CP given the 100V/ns instead of 50V / ns

650 V was chosen to give extra safety margin for designers, making it especially suitable for SMPS. The new CoolMOS™ C7 series benefits from the 12 years manufacturing experience and continues to offer Infineon's outstanding quality.

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Product Portfolio CoolMOS™ C7

225/230 mΩ IPB65R225C7 IPP65R225C7    
45 mΩ IPB65R045C7 IPP65R045C7 IPW65R045C7 IPZ65R045C7


  • 650 V voltage
  • Revolutionary best-in-class RDS(on) package
  • Reduced energy stored in output capacitance (Eoss)
  • Lower gate charge Qg
  • Space saving through use of smaller packages or reduction of parts
  • 12 years manufacturing experience in Superjunction technology


  • Improved safety margin and suitable for both SMPS and solar inverter applications
  • Lowest conduction losses/package
  • Low switching losses
  • Better light load efficiency
  • Increasing power density
  • Outstanding CoolMOS™ quality


  • Telecom
  • Server
  • Solar
  • PC power


  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Solar Boost
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