FWC100 Series ITE Desktop Power Supply

ICCNexergy's FWC100 series of external, switch mode power supplies

ICCNexergy Supplier PageICCNexergy's FWC100 series external, switch mode power supplies offer leading edge converter efficiencies of up to 90% at 115 VAC and a power density of 4.2 W/in³. This high efficiency results in a compact size, lower internal power dissipation, and enhanced reliability. FWC100 series power supplies offer full rated continuous and peak power available at all output voltages and over the entire input voltage and frequency range. Designing with a FWC100 power supply ensures a highly efficient, highly reliable power solution that reduces operating cost and ensures silent, maintenance free operation.

  • High efficiency: Level V
  • High power density: 4.2 W/in³
  • Lifetime expectation exceeds five years
  • Hold-up time > 48 ms at full load
  • Power factor correction
  • EISA and CEC compliant
  • LED indicator
  • Class I

FWC100 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFormInput TypeVoltage - InputAvailable Quantity
FWC100012A-12B datasheet linkAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 12V 100WFWC100012A-12BAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 12V 100WDesktop (Class I)Cord85 ~ 264 VAC46 - Immediate
FWC100012A-12B product page link
FWC100015A-12B datasheet linkAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 15V 100WFWC100015A-12BAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 15V 100WDesktop (Class I)Cord85 ~ 264 VAC0FWC100015A-12B product page link
FWC100018A-11B datasheet linkAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 18V 100WFWC100018A-11BAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 18V 100WDesktop (Class I)Cord85 ~ 264 VAC0FWC100018A-11B product page link
FWC100024A-11B datasheet linkAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 24V 100WFWC100024A-11BAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 24V 100WDesktop (Class I)Cord85 ~ 264 VAC0FWC100024A-11B product page link
FWC100048A-11B datasheet linkAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 48V 100WFWC100048A-11BAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 48V 100WDesktop (Class I)Cord85 ~ 264 VAC0FWC100048A-11B product page link
Published: 2011-06-30