Wideband Quantizer Solution

Analog Devices presents the first complete quantizer to accept input frequencies to 18 GHz

Wideband Quantizer SolutionAnalog Devices, the world class supplier of complete MMIC-based solutions for communication and military markets, has introduced a complete Multi-GHz Quantizer chip set that enables quantization of ultra-wideband signals from DC to 18 GHz with excellent linearity and low noise. This groundbreaking Multi-GHz Quantizer solution can facilitate unparalleled levels of performance in test and measurement systems, Bit Error Rate Testers (BERTs), and Pulse Detection Systems including Pulse Doppler Radars where wideband sampling capability is a necessity.

The HMC9000 Multi-GHz Quantizer chip set includes an 8-bit 1,000 MSPS ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) and a high-performance T/H (Track-and-Hold) amplifier which offers precision signal sampling over 18 GHz of input bandwidth. This combination of ADC and T/H delivers high linearity of >50 dB SFDR up to 7 GHz and low noise of >40 dB SNR up to 9 GHz at 1 VPP full-scale level. The HMC988LP3E is a Clock and Delay Control which ensures very accurate system sampling, while the HMC1034LP6GE PLL with Integrated VCO is used as the system clock and provides a total system jitter of only 100 fsrms.

Analog Devices' proprietary EasySuite™ firmware and software code simplifies configuration of the Multi-GHz Quantizer and enables the data-acquisition system designer to realize new levels of functionality and performance.

The HMC9000 Multi-GHz Quantizer chip set is available in SMT package format. See the above image in full size here.

Track and Hold

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequencyAvailable Quantity
HMC661LC4B datasheet linkIC AMP TRACK&HOLD 4GS/S 24SMDHMC661LC4BIC AMP TRACK&HOLD 4GS/S 24SMD0Hz ~ 18GHz9 - Immediate
HMC661LC4B product page link
HMC1061LC5 datasheet linkIC AMP TRACK&HOLD 4GS/S 32SMDHMC1061LC5IC AMP TRACK&HOLD 4GS/S 32SMD0Hz ~ 18GHz10 - Immediate
55 - Factory Stock
HMC1061LC5 product page link

Data Converter

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusNumber of BitsAvailable Quantity
HMCAD1511 datasheet linkIC ADC 8BIT SRL 4CH 48-QFNHMCAD1511IC ADC 8BIT SRL 4CH 48-QFNActive8353 - Immediate
213 - Factory Stock
HMCAD1511 product page link
HMCAD1520TR datasheet linkIC ADC 8/12/14/16B SPI/SRL 48QFNHMCAD1520TRIC ADC 8/12/14/16B SPI/SRL 48QFNActive8, 12, 14, 16370 - Immediate
HMCAD1520TR product page link
HMCAD1102 datasheet linkIC ADC 12BIT SRL 65M 8CH 64QFNHMCAD1102IC ADC 12BIT SRL 65M 8CH 64QFNObsolete120HMCAD1102 product page link
HMCAD1510 datasheet linkIC ADC 8BIT SRL 500MSPS 48QFNHMCAD1510IC ADC 8BIT SRL 500MSPS 48QFNObsolete80HMCAD1510 product page link

Clocks & Timing

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
HMC1031MS8ETR datasheet linkIC CLOCK GEN INT-N PLL 8-MS8EHMC1031MS8ETRIC CLOCK GEN INT-N PLL 8-MS8E522 - Immediate
2500 - Factory Stock
HMC1031MS8ETR product page link
HMC1034LP6GETR datasheet linkIC CLOCK GEN 1:1 3GHZ 40-SMTHMC1034LP6GETRIC CLOCK GEN 1:1 3GHZ 40-SMT596 - Immediate
500 - Factory Stock
HMC1034LP6GETR product page link
HMC988LP3ETR datasheet linkIC CLK DIVIDER 16-QFNHMC988LP3ETRIC CLK DIVIDER 16-QFN456 - Immediate
HMC988LP3ETR product page link
HMC987LP5ETR datasheet linkIC CLK BUFFER 1:9 8GHZ 32SMTHMC987LP5ETRIC CLK BUFFER 1:9 8GHZ 32SMT215 - Immediate
HMC987LP5ETR product page link
HMC1033LP6GETR datasheet linkIC CLOCK GEN 1:1 550MHZ 40-SMTHMC1033LP6GETRIC CLOCK GEN 1:1 550MHZ 40-SMT235 - Immediate
1000 - Factory Stock
HMC1033LP6GETR product page link
HMC1035LP6GETR datasheet linkIC CLOCK GEN 1:1 2.5GHZ 40-SMTHMC1035LP6GETRIC CLOCK GEN 1:1 2.5GHZ 40-SMT466 - Immediate
2000 - Factory Stock
HMC1035LP6GETR product page link
HMC1032LP6GETR datasheet linkIC CLOCK GEN 1:1 350MHZ 40-SMTHMC1032LP6GETRIC CLOCK GEN 1:1 350MHZ 40-SMT10 - Immediate
5000 - Factory Stock
HMC1032LP6GETR product page link
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Published: 2014-03-19