HR30 Series

Miniature Waterproof Plastic Connectors (IP68 Compliant)

image of Hirose's HR30 Series ConnectorsSmall Size
Short in length when fully terminated and mated.

Water and dust protected
The HR30 series is a miniature waterproof plastic connector series. It features a user friendly push pull locking mechanism, and is IP68 rated when tested at a 2 meter depth for 14 days in the mated condition or used with the protective cap. This series also offers an over-mold version.

Simple pull lock release
Built-in lock/release mechanism securely locks mated connectors while allowing quick disconnection by simply pulling on the plug's release collar. Molded-in grooves prevent hand slippage when pulled. The round configuration of the collar allows easy side-by-side panel mounting and will not snag on objects when the cable is pulled-out.

Light weight, corrosion resistant
Glass reinforced thermoplastic compounds and noncorrosive components are used in all assemblies.

Contact protection and self-alignment
Multiple polarizing keys protect the contacts from misalignment or attempted insertion of the wrong connector, while assuring correct mating between the corresponding connectors.

Built-in cable strain relief

Visual alignment indicators
Permanent alignment indicators in a contrasting color on all connectors aid in correct alignment and engagement.

Test and measuring equipment, portable devices, instrumentation, industrial devices, recreational equipment, I/O applications and other applications requiring use of lightweight, corrosion resistant quick mate/ release cable connections.

Waterproof Plastic Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeNumber of PositionsAvailable Quantity
HR30-6PA-6S(71) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 6POS FEMALE SOLDERHR30-6PA-6S(71)CONN PLUG 6POS FEMALE SOLDERPlug, Female Sockets62376 - Immediate
HR30-6PA-6S(71) product page link
HR30-6P-6S(71) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 6POS FEMALE SOLDERHR30-6P-6S(71)CONN PLUG 6POS FEMALE SOLDERPlug, Female Sockets61621 - Immediate
HR30-6P-6S(71) product page link
HR30-6P-6P(71) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 6POS MALE SOLDERHR30-6P-6P(71)CONN PLUG 6POS MALE SOLDERPlug, Male Pins6949 - Immediate
HR30-6P-6P(71) product page link
HR30-6PA-6P(71) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 6POS MALE SOLDERHR30-6PA-6P(71)CONN PLUG 6POS MALE SOLDERPlug, Male Pins6579 - Immediate
HR30-6PA-6P(71) product page link
HR30-6P-3S(71) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 3POS FEMALE SOLDERHR30-6P-3S(71)CONN PLUG 3POS FEMALE SOLDERPlug, Female Sockets3994 - Immediate
HR30-6P-3S(71) product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeNumber of PositionsAvailable Quantity
HR30-7P-10SC(71) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 10POS FEMALE CRIMPHR30-7P-10SC(71)CONN PLUG 10POS FEMALE CRIMPPlug for Female Contacts10992 - Immediate
HR30-7P-10SC(71) product page link
HR30-7P-12SC(71) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 12POS FEMALE CRIMPHR30-7P-12SC(71)CONN PLUG 12POS FEMALE CRIMPPlug for Female Contacts12611 - Immediate
HR30-7P-12SC(71) product page link
HR30-8R-12SC(71) datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 12POS FEMALE CRIMPHR30-8R-12SC(71)CONN RECEPT 12POS FEMALE CRIMPReceptacle for Female Contacts12553 - Immediate
HR30-8R-12SC(71) product page link
HR30-7R-12PC(71) datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 12POS MALE CRIMPHR30-7R-12PC(71)CONN RECEPT 12POS MALE CRIMPReceptacle for Male Contacts12240 - Immediate
HR30-7R-12PC(71) product page link
HR30-7R-10PC(71) datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 10POS MALE CRIMPHR30-7R-10PC(71)CONN RECEPT 10POS MALE CRIMPReceptacle for Male Contacts10566 - Immediate
HR30-7R-10PC(71) product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable Quantity
HR30-SC-211 datasheet linkCONTACT SOCKET 26-30AWG CRIMPHR30-SC-211CONTACT SOCKET 26-30AWG CRIMPSignal, Stamped25435 - Immediate
HR30-SC-211 product page link
HR30-PC-211 datasheet linkCONTACT PIN 26-30AWG CRIMP GOLDHR30-PC-211CONTACT PIN 26-30AWG CRIMP GOLDSignal, Stamped7240 - Immediate
HR30-PC-211 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFor Use With/Related ProductsShell Size - InsertAvailable Quantity
HR30-6R-C(71) datasheet linkCONN DUST CAP FOR 3&6POS RECEPTHR30-6R-C(71)CONN DUST CAP FOR 3&6POS RECEPTHR30 Series Receptacles62762 - Immediate
HR30-6R-C(71) product page link
HR30-7R-C(71) datasheet linkCONN DUST CAP FOR 10&12POS RECPTHR30-7R-C(71)CONN DUST CAP FOR 10&12POS RECPTHR30 Series Receptacles71905 - Immediate
HR30-7R-C(71) product page link
HR30-6P-C(71) datasheet linkCONN DUST CAP FOR 3&6POS PLUGHR30-6P-C(71)CONN DUST CAP FOR 3&6POS PLUGHR30 Series Plugs6135 - Immediate
HR30-6P-C(71) product page link
HR30-7P-C(71) datasheet linkCONN DUST CAP FOR 10&12POS PLUGHR30-7P-C(71)CONN DUST CAP FOR 10&12POS PLUGHR30 Series Plugs7228 - Immediate
HR30-7P-C(71) product page link
HR30-8P-C(71) datasheet linkCONN DUST CAP FOR 12POS PLUGHR30-8P-C(71)CONN DUST CAP FOR 12POS PLUGHR30 Series Plugs812 - Immediate
HR30-8P-C(71) product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAccessory TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable Quantity
HR30-6P-T02 datasheet linkTOOL BACK SHELL TIGHTING COLLARHR30-6P-T02TOOL BACK SHELL TIGHTING COLLARCollarHR30 Series Backshells, 3 and 6 pos3 - Immediate
HR30-6P-T02 product page link
HR30-6R-6P-T01 datasheet linkTOOL WIRING JIG FOR RECEPT/JACKHR30-6R-6P-T01TOOL WIRING JIG FOR RECEPT/JACKWiring JigHR30 Series Jacks1 - Immediate
HR30-6R-6P-T01 product page link
HR30-6P-6S-T01 datasheet linkTOOL WIRING JIG FOR SOLDER PLUGHR30-6P-6S-T01TOOL WIRING JIG FOR SOLDER PLUGWiring JigHR30 Series Plugs0HR30-6P-6S-T01 product page link
Published: 2008-10-04