DF61 Series Connectors

Hirose Electric's DF61 series is a board-to-wire, swing-lock connector for low-profile power source

Image of Hirose Electric's DF61 Series ConnectorsHirose Electric's DF61 series connectors are well suited for linear SSL applications. The DF61 series connector is a 2.2 mm pitch with a low mated-height of 2.38 mm. It boasts a high current-capacity of 5 A and a high voltage rating of 350 V AC/DC. These features allow it to function continuously and make them a smart choice for LED light bulbs and LED tube fixtures. The vertically mated, “Swing Lock” connector has a header that is molded as one solid piece to help prevent solder wicking. The DF62 series is a slim, wire-to-wire connector that was designed with small or confined spaces in mind. With features including a multi-row pin layout, smooth outside contour, and no exposed metal on the outside of the housing, this series is an ideal choice for LED applications. The two-point crimp contact design delivers a reliable connection that is resistant to shock and vibration. The small size and high durability of the DF62 series connector makes it ideal for narrow or confined cabling needs.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DF61-2P-2.2V(21) datasheet linkCONN HDR 2.2MM 2POS SMD REDDF61-2P-2.2V(21)CONN HDR 2.2MM 2POS SMD RED9214 - Immediate
DF61-2P-2.2V(21) product page link
DF61-2226SCF(41) datasheet linkCONN SOCKET CRIMP 22-26AWG TINDF61-2226SCF(41)CONN SOCKET CRIMP 22-26AWG TIN33180 - Immediate
DF61-2226SCF(41) product page link
DF61-2P-2.2V(23) datasheet linkCONN HDR 2.2MM 2POS SMD BEIGEDF61-2P-2.2V(23)CONN HDR 2.2MM 2POS SMD BEIGE11921 - Immediate
DF61-2P-2.2V(23) product page link
DF61-2S-2.2C(13) datasheet linkCONN RCPT2.2MM 2POS BEIGEDF61-2S-2.2C(13)CONN RCPT2.2MM 2POS BEIGE31968 - Immediate
DF61-2S-2.2C(13) product page link
DF61-2S-2.2C(11) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 2.2MM 2POS REDDF61-2S-2.2C(11)CONN RCPT 2.2MM 2POS RED1757 - Immediate
DF61-2S-2.2C(11) product page link
DF61-2628SCF datasheet linkCONN SOCKET CRIMP 26-28AWG TINDF61-2628SCFCONN SOCKET CRIMP 26-28AWG TIN20391 - Immediate
DF61-2628SCF product page link
DF61-2P-2.2V(22) datasheet linkCONN HDR 2.2MM 2POS SMD YELLOWDF61-2P-2.2V(22)CONN HDR 2.2MM 2POS SMD YELLOW6733 - Immediate
DF61-2P-2.2V(22) product page link
DF61-2S-2.2C(12) datasheet linkCONN RCPT2.2MM 2POS YELLOWDF61-2S-2.2C(12)CONN RCPT2.2MM 2POS YELLOW17868 - Immediate
DF61-2S-2.2C(12) product page link
HT305/DF61-2226S datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 22-26AWGHT305/DF61-2226STOOL HAND CRIMPER 22-26AWG2 - Immediate
HT305/DF61-2226S product page link
HT305/DF61-2628S datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 26-28AWGHT305/DF61-2628STOOL HAND CRIMPER 26-28AWG1 - Immediate
HT305/DF61-2628S product page link
DF61-2630SCF(41) datasheet linkCRIMP CONTACTDF61-2630SCF(41)CRIMP CONTACT0DF61-2630SCF(41) product page link
DF61-2630SCF datasheet linkCRIMP CONTACTDF61-2630SCFCRIMP CONTACT0DF61-2630SCF product page link
DF61-2S-2.2C(01) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 2.2MM 2POS REDDF61-2S-2.2C(01)CONN RCPT 2.2MM 2POS RED0DF61-2S-2.2C(01) product page link
DF61-2S-2.2C(02) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 2.2MM 2POS YELLOWDF61-2S-2.2C(02)CONN RCPT 2.2MM 2POS YELLOW0DF61-2S-2.2C(02) product page link
DF61-2S-2.2C(03) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 2.2MM 2POS BEIGEDF61-2S-2.2C(03)CONN RCPT 2.2MM 2POS BEIGE0DF61-2S-2.2C(03) product page link
DF61J-2P-2.2V(23) datasheet linkCONN HDR 2.2MM 2POSDF61J-2P-2.2V(23)CONN HDR 2.2MM 2POS0DF61J-2P-2.2V(23) product page link
AP105-DF61-2628S datasheet linkTOOL PRESS APPLICATOR 26-28AWGAP105-DF61-2628STOOL PRESS APPLICATOR 26-28AWG0AP105-DF61-2628S product page link
TOOL PRESS APPLICATOR 26-30AWGAP105-DF61-2630STOOL PRESS APPLICATOR 26-30AWG0AP105-DF61-2630S product page link
AP105-DF61-2226S datasheet linkTOOL PRESS APPLICATOR 22-26AWGAP105-DF61-2226STOOL PRESS APPLICATOR 22-26AWG0AP105-DF61-2226S product page link
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Published: 2013-06-11