DF36 Series

Hirose Electric’s DF36 series of 0.4 mm pitch micro-coaxial connectors

Image of Hirose Electric's Hirose DF36 Series Hirose Electric’s DF36 series of 0.4 mm pitch micro-coaxial connectors have enhanced shielding for EMI prevention. Metal covers on the plug and receptacle connect to each other with a reliable multi-point ground contact, assuring reliable ground connection and EMC protection. The thin plug facilitates insertion through a small hinge. The secure lock has a clear tactile click to ensure proper mating. The mated height of 1.5 mm allows use in space-restricted area.

Features and Benefits
  • 0.4 mm pitch
  • 1.5 mm mated height
  • Enhanced shielding and ground connections
  • Reliable lock with clear tactile click
  • Solder wicking prevention with nickel barriers
  • Current rating is 0.25 A/pin
  • Rated voltage is 30 VAC

DF36 Series Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DF36A-30S-0.4V(51) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.4MM 30POS AU SMDDF36A-30S-0.4V(51)CONN RCPT 0.4MM 30POS AU SMD29426 - Immediate
DF36A-30S-0.4V(51) product page link
DF36A-40S-0.4V(51) datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 40POS 0.4MM SMD GOLDDF36A-40S-0.4V(51)CONN RECEPT 40POS 0.4MM SMD GOLD5932 - Immediate
DF36A-40S-0.4V(51) product page link
DF36A-50S-0.4V(51) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.4MM 50POS SMDDF36A-50S-0.4V(51)CONN RCPT 0.4MM 50POS SMD1811 - Immediate
DF36A-50S-0.4V(51) product page link
DF36A-40P-SHL datasheet linkCONN COVER FOR 40POS PLUGDF36A-40P-SHLCONN COVER FOR 40POS PLUG348 - Immediate
DF36A-40P-SHL product page link
DF36-20S-0.4V(52) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.4MM 20POS AU SMDDF36-20S-0.4V(52)CONN RCPT 0.4MM 20POS AU SMD971 - Immediate
DF36-20S-0.4V(52) product page link
DF36A-25P-SHL datasheet linkCONN COVER FOR 25POS PLUGDF36A-25P-SHLCONN COVER FOR 25POS PLUG0DF36A-25P-SHL product page link
DF36A-15P-SHL datasheet linkCONN COVER FOR 15POS PLUGDF36A-15P-SHLCONN COVER FOR 15POS PLUG0DF36A-15P-SHL product page link
DF36A-30P-SHL datasheet linkCONN COVER FOR 30POS PLUGDF36A-30P-SHLCONN COVER FOR 30POS PLUG0DF36A-30P-SHL product page link
DF36A-45P-SHL datasheet linkCONN COVER FOR 45POS PLUGDF36A-45P-SHLCONN COVER FOR 45POS PLUG0DF36A-45P-SHL product page link
DF36A-50P-SHL datasheet linkCONN COVER FOR 50POS PLUGDF36A-50P-SHLCONN COVER FOR 50POS PLUG0DF36A-50P-SHL product page link
DF36-15P-SHL datasheet linkCONN COVER FOR 15POS PLUGDF36-15P-SHLCONN COVER FOR 15POS PLUG0DF36-15P-SHL product page link
DF36-20P-SHL datasheet linkCONN COVER FOR 20POS PLUGDF36-20P-SHLCONN COVER FOR 20POS PLUG0DF36-20P-SHL product page link
DF36-25P-SHL datasheet linkCONN COVER FOR 25POS PLUGDF36-25P-SHLCONN COVER FOR 25POS PLUG0DF36-25P-SHL product page link
DF36C-15P-0.4SD(51) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 0.4MM 15POSDF36C-15P-0.4SD(51)CONN PLUG 0.4MM 15POS0DF36C-15P-0.4SD(51) product page link
DF36-15S-0.4V(51) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.4MM 15POS SMDDF36-15S-0.4V(51)CONN RCPT 0.4MM 15POS SMD0DF36-15S-0.4V(51) product page link
DF36A-15S-0.4V(51) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.4MM 15POS SMDDF36A-15S-0.4V(51)CONN RCPT 0.4MM 15POS SMD0DF36A-15S-0.4V(51) product page link
DF36-25S-0.4V(51) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.4MM 25POS SMDDF36-25S-0.4V(51)CONN RCPT 0.4MM 25POS SMD0DF36-25S-0.4V(51) product page link
DF36-20P-0.4SD(51) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 0.4MM 20POS SHLD AUDF36-20P-0.4SD(51)CONN PLUG 0.4MM 20POS SHLD AU0DF36-20P-0.4SD(51) product page link
DF36A-25S-0.4V(51) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.4MM 25POS SMDDF36A-25S-0.4V(51)CONN RCPT 0.4MM 25POS SMD0DF36A-25S-0.4V(51) product page link
DF36-25P-0.4SD(51) datasheet linkCONN PLUG 0.4MM 25POS SHLD AUDF36-25P-0.4SD(51)CONN PLUG 0.4MM 25POS SHLD AU0DF36-25P-0.4SD(51) product page link
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Published: 2014-02-27