DF14 Series

Hirose's DF14 series was introduced to provide a solution for applications that require a 1.25 mm pitch, board-to-wire connector that utilizes right-angle mounting types

Image of Hirose Electric's DF14 SeriesThe DF14 series was introduced to provide a solution for applications that require a 1.25 mm pitch, board-to-wire connector that utilizes right-angle mounting types. This series offers two low-profile options, a top-mount version with a mounting height of 2.5 mm, and an offset-mounted version at 1.6 mm. Its four-wall structure was designed to prevent incorrect insertion and protect the socket from scratching the board. The DF14 series features multiple contact counts and different mounting versions. These connectors support automatic pick-and-place mounting to reduce production costs as it is packaged with embossed tape-and-reel. Current rating is 1 A maximum per pin.

Features Applications
  • RoHS compliant
  • 1.25 mm pitch BTW connector
  • 1.6 or 2.5 mm mounting heights
  • Sturdy four-wall structure
  • Multiple contact counts
  • Optional mounting versions
  • Automatic mounting placement capability
  • 1 amp current rating
  • Accepts 26-32 AWG
  • Notebook PCs
  • LCD TVs
  • DVD recorders
  • LED lighting
  • Plasma display panels

DF14 Series Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DF14-2628SCF datasheet linkCONN TERM 26-28AWG CRIMP TINDF14-2628SCFCONN TERM 26-28AWG CRIMP TIN171254 - Immediate
DF14-2628SCF product page link
DF14-2628SCFA datasheet linkCONN TERM 26-28AWG CRIMP GOLDDF14-2628SCFACONN TERM 26-28AWG CRIMP GOLD142025 - Immediate
DF14-2628SCFA product page link
DF14A-6P-1.25H(56) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 6POS 1.25MM R/A SMDDF14A-6P-1.25H(56)CONN HEADER 6POS 1.25MM R/A SMD6896 - Immediate
DF14A-6P-1.25H(56) product page link
DF14A-15P-1.25H(55) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 15POS 1.25MM R/A SMDDF14A-15P-1.25H(55)CONN HEADER 15POS 1.25MM R/A SMD1459 - Immediate
DF14A-15P-1.25H(55) product page link
DF14A-20P-1.25H(25) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 20POS 1.25MM R/A SMDDF14A-20P-1.25H(25)CONN HEADER 20POS 1.25MM R/A SMD3395 - Immediate
DF14A-20P-1.25H(25) product page link
DF14-20P-1.25H(55) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 20POS 1.25MM R/A SMDDF14-20P-1.25H(55)CONN HEADER 20POS 1.25MM R/A SMD2344 - Immediate
DF14-20P-1.25H(55) product page link
DF14-30P-1.25H(25) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 30POS 1.25MM R/A SMDDF14-30P-1.25H(25)CONN HEADER 30POS 1.25MM R/A SMD1009 - Immediate
DF14-30P-1.25H(25) product page link
DF14-30P-1.25H(55) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 30POS 1.25MM R/A SMDDF14-30P-1.25H(55)CONN HEADER 30POS 1.25MM R/A SMD2730 - Immediate
DF14-30P-1.25H(55) product page link
DF14A-30P-1.25H(55) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 30POS 1.25MM R/A SMDDF14A-30P-1.25H(55)CONN HEADER 30POS 1.25MM R/A SMD1114 - Immediate
DF14A-30P-1.25H(55) product page link
DF14-2S-1.25C datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 2POS 1.25MM CRIMPDF14-2S-1.25CCONN SOCKET 2POS 1.25MM CRIMP14327 - Immediate
DF14-2S-1.25C product page link
DF14-3S-1.25C datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 3POS 1.25MM CRIMPDF14-3S-1.25CCONN SOCKET 3POS 1.25MM CRIMP1544 - Immediate
DF14-3S-1.25C product page link
DF14-4S-1.25C datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 4POS 1.25MM CRIMPDF14-4S-1.25CCONN SOCKET 4POS 1.25MM CRIMP8422 - Immediate
DF14-4S-1.25C product page link
DF14-5S-1.25C datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 5POS 1.25MM CRIMPDF14-5S-1.25CCONN SOCKET 5POS 1.25MM CRIMP398 - Immediate
DF14-5S-1.25C product page link
DF14-6S-1.25C datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 6POS 1.25MM CRIMPDF14-6S-1.25CCONN SOCKET 6POS 1.25MM CRIMP7883 - Immediate
DF14-6S-1.25C product page link
DF14-15S-1.25C datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 15POS 1.25MM CRIMPDF14-15S-1.25CCONN SOCKET 15POS 1.25MM CRIMP2000 - Immediate
DF14-15S-1.25C product page link
DF14-10S-1.25C datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 10POS 1.25MM CRIMPDF14-10S-1.25CCONN SOCKET 10POS 1.25MM CRIMP2082 - Immediate
DF14-10S-1.25C product page link
DF14-20S-1.25C datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 20POS 1.25MM CRIMPDF14-20S-1.25CCONN SOCKET 20POS 1.25MM CRIMP6240 - Immediate
DF14-20S-1.25C product page link
DF14-30S-1.25C datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 30POS 1.25MM CRIMPDF14-30S-1.25CCONN SOCKET 30POS 1.25MM CRIMP1188 - Immediate
DF14-30S-1.25C product page link
DF14A-2P-1.25H(56) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 2POS 1.25MM R/A SMDDF14A-2P-1.25H(56)CONN HEADER 2POS 1.25MM R/A SMD19743 - Immediate
DF14A-2P-1.25H(56) product page link
DF14A-4P-1.25H(55) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 4POS 1.25MM R/A SMDDF14A-4P-1.25H(55)CONN HEADER 4POS 1.25MM R/A SMD1258 - Immediate
DF14A-4P-1.25H(55) product page link
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Published: 2013-11-12