Releasable Cable Ties

HellermannTyton’s releasable cable ties are ideal for use in applications where there is the need to repeatedly open and close the tie

Image of HellermannTyton's Releasable Cable TiesHellermannTyton releasable cable ties offer a release feature in the head allowing for easy access to wire bundles when changes are necessary. The head design guarantees high tensile strength even after repeated use, as well as a low insertion force. For high-volume applications, tensioning tools are available to ensure consistent and safe installation.

Releasable Cable Ties
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingWire/Cable Tie TypeBundle DiameterAvailable QuantityBuy Now
RT40R0M4RELEASABLE TIE 8.5"L 40LB BLACK1000 per PkgStandard, Releasable2.01" (51.00mm)1088 - Immediate
RT250M9X2RELEASABLE TIE 22.3"L 250LB NATU25 per PkgStandard, Releasable5.91" (150.00mm)5000 - Immediate
RT250L0X2RELEASABLE TIE 34.7"L 250LB BLAC25 per PkgStandard, Releasable10.00" (254.00mm)225 - Immediate
RT250XL0X2RELEASABLE TIE 40"L 250LB BLAC25 per PkgStandard, Releasable12.00" (304.80mm)125 - Immediate
REZ200.NB3PRELEASABLE TIE 7.8"L 30LB BLACK100 per PkgStandard, Pinch Releasable1.97" (50.00mm)600 - Immediate
REZ300.NB3PRELEASABLE CABLE TIE, 12" LONG,100 per PkgStandard, Pinch Releasable3.15" (80.00mm)800 - Immediate
RT50S9M4RELEASABLE TIE 6.5"L 50LB NATURA1000 per PkgStandard, Releasable1.38" (35.00mm)1000 - Immediate
T50RTM25E8HM4FIR TREE PUSH MOUNT 8.4"L GREY1000 per PkgStandard, Releasable1.97" (50.00mm)1000 - Immediate
RT50LL0M4RELEASABLE CBL TIE 15"L 50LB BLK1000 per PkgStandard, Releasable3.98" (101.00mm)1000 - Immediate
RT250M0X2RELEASABLE TIE 22.3"L 250LB BLAC25 per PkgStandard, Releasable5.91" (150.00mm)50 - Immediate
DCT90HIRK2DUAL CLAMP TIE 150 LB 13"L BLK50 per PkgDouble Head Releasable1.30" (33.02mm) per Tie250 - Immediate
RT250L9X2RELEASABLE TIE 34.7"L 250LB NATU25 per PkgStandard, Releasable10.00" (254.00mm)50 - Immediate
RT250XL9X2RELEASABLE TIE 40"L 250LB NATU25 per PkgStandard, Releasable12.00" (304.80mm)50 - Immediate
DCT110HIRK2DUAL CLAMP TIE 150LB 19.2"L BLK50 per PkgDouble Head Releasable2.30" (58.42mm) per Tie100 - Immediate
DCT110HIRC2DUAL CLMP 150LB .25"D 19.2"L BLK100 per PkgDouble Head Releasable2.30" (58.42mm) per Tie100 - Immediate
RT250S0X2RELEASABLE TIE 9.06"L 250LB BLK25 per PkgStandard, Releasable2.17" (55.00mm)25 - Immediate
RT250R9X2RELEASABLE TIE 20.5"L 250LB NATU25 per PkgStandard, Releasable5.71" (145.00mm)25 - Immediate
RT255R0HIRX2RELEASABLE TIE 20.3"L 250LB BLK25 per PkgStandard, Releasable5.71" (145.00mm)25 - Immediate
RT255S0HIRX2RELEASABLE TIE 8.86"L 250LB BLAC25 per PkgStandard, Releasable2.17" (55.00mm)0
SR255S0HIHSUVX2RELEASABLE TIE 8.86"L 250LB BLAC25 per PkgStandard, Releasable1.97" (50.00mm)0
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Published: 2014-06-19