EVO 7 Cable Tie Tools

HellermannTyton introduces the next evolution of cable tie tools

Image of HellermannTyton's EVO 7 Cable Tie ToolsHellermanTyton's EVO 7 was designed to reduce the risks of repetitive-stress injuries to users while actually increasing their productivity. The revolutionary, patent-pending tension/lock/cut (TLC) technology dramatically changes how cable ties are cut. This gives the EVO 7 the ability to lock each tie in place at the desired tension prior to cutting. Because the tension is fixed at the trigger when squeezing begins, only a minimum of hand force and a shorter range of motion is required to cut through each tie, and there's no jarring impact after the cut. Because each tie is cut at a consistent level of tension with less movement, there’s less wear on internal components resulting in longer tool life. An independent study conducted compared the EVO 7 with three other cable tie tools used in the wire harnessing market.


  • EVO 7 required 21.7% less applied grip force than the other tools
  • EVO 7 was rated as most comfortable based on lighter grip-force requirements, lack of hand pinching, and minimal kickback during use
  • EVO 7 consistently ranked best in the areas of overall preference, overall comfort, ease of tension setting, and overall ease of tool use
  • The ergonomic design of the EVO 7 offers improved operator safety, increasing efficiency and lending to improved productivity in the time it takes an operator to complete a task


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeFeaturesFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable Quantity
110-70083 datasheet linkEVO 7 MECH TOOL HAND SPAN 3.5"110-70083EVO 7 MECH TOOL HAND SPAN 3.5"GunErgonomic Standard Span, Tie Cutter, Tension LockCable Ties 18-80 lb; up to 0.189" (4.80mm) Width10 - Immediate
110-70083 product page link
110-80000 datasheet linkEVO-9 CABLE TIE TOOL110-80000EVO-9 CABLE TIE TOOLGunErgonomic Standard Span, Tie Cutter, Tension LockCable Ties 50-250 lbs; up to 0.512" (13.00mm) Width19 - Immediate
110-80000 product page link
110-70084 datasheet linkEVO 7SP TOOL SHRT HAND SPAN 3.1"110-70084EVO 7SP TOOL SHRT HAND SPAN 3.1"GunErgonomic Short Span, Tie Cutter, Tension LockCable Ties 18-80 lb; up to 0.189" (4.80mm) Width9 - Immediate
110-70084 product page link
110-80037 datasheet linkEVO -9 REPLACEMENT BLADE110-80037EVO -9 REPLACEMENT BLADEAccessory, Blade-EVO-9 Cable Tie Tool (1436-1686-ND)26 - Immediate
110-80037 product page link
110-70089 datasheet linkCALIBRATION TOOL110-70089CALIBRATION TOOLAccessory, Calibration Tool-EVO® Cable Tie Tools (1436-1478-ND, 1436-1479-ND, 1436-1686-ND)9 - Immediate
110-70089 product page link
110-70091 datasheet linkT8 STAR DRIVER110-70091T8 STAR DRIVERAccessory, Star Driver-EVO® Cable Tie Tools (1436-1478-ND, 1436-1479-ND, 1436-1686-ND)0110-70091 product page link
110-80018 datasheet linkEVO 9 NOSEPIECE FLUSH CUT110-80018EVO 9 NOSEPIECE FLUSH CUTAccessory, NosepieceFlush CutEVO-9 Cable Tie Tool (1436-1686-ND)0110-80018 product page link
110-80064 datasheet linkEVO 9 2MM NOSE PIECE110-80064EVO 9 2MM NOSE PIECEAccessory, Nosepiece2mm, Extended TailEVO-9 Cable Tie Tool (1436-1686-ND)0110-80064 product page link
110-80065 datasheet linkEVO 9 3MM NOSE PIECE110-80065EVO 9 3MM NOSE PIECEAccessory, Nosepiece3mm, Extended TailEVO-9 Cable Tie Tool (1436-1686-ND)0110-80065 product page link
110-80066 datasheet linkEVO 9 4MM NOSE PIECE110-80066EVO 9 4MM NOSE PIECEAccessory, Nosepiece4mm, Extended TailEVO-9 Cable Tie Tool (1436-1686-ND)0110-80066 product page link
110-80067 datasheet linkEVO 9 5MM NOSE PIECE110-80067EVO 9 5MM NOSE PIECEAccessory, Nosepiece5mm, Extended TailEVO-9 Cable Tie Tool (1436-1686-ND)0110-80067 product page link
Published: 2013-10-11