Cable Tie and Edge Clip Assemblies

HellermannTyton cable tie and edge clip assemblies designed specifically to route bundles without the need for a mounting hole

Image of HellermannTyton's Cable Tie and Edge Clip AssembliesHellermannTyton cable tie and edge clip assemblies are designed specifically to route bundles by securing them to the edge of a plastic or metal sheet without the need for a mounting hole. This cable tie and edge clip assembly is ideal for use where holes are not acceptable or where adhesives will fail due to temperature problems. Edge clips are widely used for fixing and bundling cables and wires within automotive, trucking, heavy equipment, solar panel, wind power, and white goods equipment manufacturing.


  • Edge clip applies easily to plastic and metal sheets without the need for a mounting hole
  • Edge clip provides low insertion force and high extraction force ideal for assembly environments
  • Two-piece assembly allows the mount to slide along the strap ensuring proper orientation

Cable Tie and Edge Clip Assemblies

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
156-00864 datasheet linkT50ROSEC5A BLK EDGE CLIP156-00864T50ROSEC5A BLK EDGE CLIP11107 - Immediate
156-00864 product page link
156-00872 datasheet linkT50ROSEC19 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY156-00872T50ROSEC19 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY7000 - Immediate
156-00872 product page link
156-00877 datasheet linkT50ROSEC23 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY156-00877T50ROSEC23 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY2000 - Immediate
156-00877 product page link
156-00468 datasheet linkCABLE TIE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 7.9"L156-00468CABLE TIE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 7.9"L1600 - Immediate
156-00468 product page link
156-00553 datasheet linkCBLE TIE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 8"L BLK156-00553CBLE TIE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 8"L BLK1500 - Immediate
156-00553 product page link
156-00861 datasheet linkT50ROSEC4B BLK EDGE CLIP156-00861T50ROSEC4B BLK EDGE CLIP1501 - Immediate
156-00861 product page link
156-00540 datasheet linkCABLE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 8" L BLACK156-00540CABLE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 8" L BLACK1750 - Immediate
156-00540 product page link
156-00539 datasheet linkCABLE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 8" L BLACK156-00539CABLE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 8" L BLACK2000 - Immediate
156-00539 product page link
126-00000 datasheet linkCABLE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 6.3"L BLACK126-00000CABLE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 6.3"L BLACK500 - Immediate
126-00000 product page link
CABLE/EDGE CLIP 18LB 3.9"L BLACK155-37104CABLE/EDGE CLIP 18LB 3.9"L BLACK1000 - Immediate
155-37104 product page link
156-00860 datasheet linkT50ROSEC4A BLK EDGE CLIP156-00860T50ROSEC4A BLK EDGE CLIP976 - Immediate
156-00860 product page link
156-00865 datasheet linkT50SOSEC5A BLK EDGE CLIP156-00865T50SOSEC5A BLK EDGE CLIP500 - Immediate
156-00865 product page link
156-00871 datasheet linkT50ROSEC10 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY156-00871T50ROSEC10 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY500 - Immediate
156-00871 product page link
156-00873 datasheet linkT50ROSEC20 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY156-00873T50ROSEC20 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY475 - Immediate
156-00873 product page link
156-00874 datasheet linkT50ROSEC21 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY156-00874T50ROSEC21 EDGE CLIP/TIE ASMY1000 - Immediate
156-00874 product page link
156-00862 datasheet linkT50ROSEC5B BLK EDGE CLIP156-00862T50ROSEC5B BLK EDGE CLIP0156-00862 product page link
156-00589 datasheet linkCABLE TIE-EDGE CLIP 50LB 7.9"L156-00589CABLE TIE-EDGE CLIP 50LB 7.9"L0156-00589 product page link
Published: 2013-10-28