Datamate Trio-Tek

Harwin’s Datamate Tri-Tek 2 mm high-reliability connectors

Image of Harwin's Datamate Trio-TekHarwin's Datamate Trio-Tek connectors feature a reeled triangular contact design that allows for automated crimping and easy insertion into the connector housing. Trio-Tek provides proven Datamate quality with 3A per contact and is great for applications where shock and vibration are a concern. Additionally, the 2mm pitch Trio-Tek is extremely well suited for areas where space is limited and power and current needs are high.

The Datamate Trio-Tek is available with either standard jackscrew or 101Lok “bayonet style” hardware. 101Lok hardware utilizes a specially designed tensioned spring coil which allows for fast mating and unmating while ensuring the complete security of the retention device. Just a quarter turn and the connector locks in place.


  • Suited for use in environments where high vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures are a consideration.
  • PC tail and crimp moldings: glass-filled thermoplastic UL94V-0
  • Complies with BS9525-F0033/Mil C 55302/CECC 75101-008
  • Insulation resistance: 100M? min. at 500VDC
  • Contacts available both loose and on reels
  • Proven history in military and aerospace applications
  • SMT moldings: polyamide 46 UL9V-0
  • Contact resistance: 20mΩ max.
  • Male contacts: phosphor bronze
  • Ideal for COTS applications
  • Durability: 500 operations
  • RoHS compliant
  • 2mm pitch spacing


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
M80-5000642 datasheet linkCONN HDR 2MM VERT W/SCREW 6POSM80-5000642CONN HDR 2MM VERT W/SCREW 6POS1105 - Immediate
M80-5000642 product page link
M80-5001442 datasheet linkCONN HDR 2MM VERT W/SCREW 14POSM80-5001442CONN HDR 2MM VERT W/SCREW 14POS771 - Immediate
M80-5001442 product page link
M80-5002042 datasheet linkCONN HDR 2MM VERT W/SCREW 20POSM80-5002042CONN HDR 2MM VERT W/SCREW 20POS391 - Immediate
M80-5002042 product page link
M80-5003442 datasheet linkCONN HDR 2MM VERT W/SCREW 34POSM80-5003442CONN HDR 2MM VERT W/SCREW 34POS625 - Immediate
M80-5003442 product page link
M80-5001042 datasheet linkCONN HDR 2MM VERT 10POSM80-5001042CONN HDR 2MM VERT 10POS792 - Immediate
M80-5001042 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
Z80-255 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMP FOR TRIO-TEKZ80-255TOOL HAND CRIMP FOR TRIO-TEK12 - Immediate
Z80-255 product page link
Z80-259 datasheet linkLOCATOR FOR Z80-255 22-28AWGZ80-259LOCATOR FOR Z80-255 22-28AWG3 - Immediate
Z80-259 product page link
Z80-258 datasheet linkTOOL REMOVAL FOR TRIO-TEKZ80-258TOOL REMOVAL FOR TRIO-TEK1 - Immediate
Z80-258 product page link
Published: 2011-02-17