har-port USB and Ethernet Coupler

HARTING's har-port offers service interfaces for Ethernet and USB

Image of Harting's har-port USB and Ethernet CouplerHARTING's har-port simplifies access to common interfaces, such as USB and RJ45 ports, by allowing them to be accessed from outside various cabinets and control terminals. The har-port service port offers Cat. 6 interface up to 1/10 Gigabit speeds for Ethernet and service interface for USB 2.0 and 3.0 data connections.

Assembly is simplified and requires only one central fastening nut in a circular 22 mm panel cutout, which is the standard size for all industrial control or emergency stop switches.

Accessories that provide additional protection and prevent unauthorized use such as protection and sealing covers are available, along with label holders that can be mounted at a later time.

HARTING har-port Service Port is ideal for control cabinets medical devices, transportation controls, office equipment, and as communication interface for conference tables or high-grade workstations.


  • Compact and well-shaped service interface in a timeless attractive design
  • Easy mounting
  • Compact and robust design
  • Practical accessories

har-port USB and Ethernet Couplers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
09454521901 datasheet linkCONN ADAPT USB A FMALE/FMALE 2.009454521901CONN ADAPT USB A FMALE/FMALE 2.0681 - Immediate
09454521901 product page link
09454521560 datasheet linkCONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C09454521560CONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C1107 - Immediate
09454521560 product page link
09454521902 datasheet linkCONN ADAPT USB A FMALE/FMALE 3.009454521902CONN ADAPT USB A FMALE/FMALE 3.0600 - Immediate
09454521902 product page link
09454521504 datasheet linkCONN RJ45 COUPLR CAT6 W/CBL 0.5M09454521504CONN RJ45 COUPLR CAT6 W/CBL 0.5M124 - Immediate
09454521504 product page link
09455020000 datasheet linkCONN CAP FOR HARPORT CONNECTORS09455020000CONN CAP FOR HARPORT CONNECTORS208 - Immediate
09455020000 product page link
09459711123 datasheet linkCABLE RJ45 CAT5E 2M09459711123CABLE RJ45 CAT5E 2M135 - Immediate
09459711123 product page link
09454521509 datasheet linkCONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 1M09454521509CONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 1M84 - Immediate
09454521509 product page link
09459711145 product page link
09454521910 datasheet linkHAR-PORT USB 20 B-B PFT 0 5M C09454521910HAR-PORT USB 20 B-B PFT 0 5M C45 - Immediate
09454521910 product page link
09454521501 datasheet linkHAR-PORT RJ45 CAT6 PFT 0 2M CA09454521501HAR-PORT RJ45 CAT6 PFT 0 2M CA40 - Immediate
09454521501 product page link
09454521510 datasheet linkCONN RJ45 COUPLR CAT6 W/CBL 1.5M09454521510CONN RJ45 COUPLR CAT6 W/CBL 1.5M37 - Immediate
09454521510 product page link
09454521922 datasheet linkHAR-PORT USB 2.0 A-A ; 1,5M09454521922HAR-PORT USB 2.0 A-A ; 1,5M45 - Immediate
09454521922 product page link
09454521920 datasheet linkHAR-PORT USB 20 A-A PFT 0 5M C09454521920HAR-PORT USB 20 A-A PFT 0 5M C42 - Immediate
09454521920 product page link
09454521511 datasheet linkCONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 2M09454521511CONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 2M46 - Immediate
09454521511 product page link
09454521912 datasheet linkCABLE USB B FEMALE/MALE 2.0 1.5M09454521912CABLE USB B FEMALE/MALE 2.0 1.5M15 - Immediate
09454521912 product page link
09459711114 datasheet linkRJ45 CAT5 8P MA DE GN CABLE ASSY09459711114RJ45 CAT5 8P MA DE GN CABLE ASSY22 - Immediate
09459711114 product page link
09452451902 datasheet linkPP USB 2A COMPACT W/BULKHEAD09452451902PP USB 2A COMPACT W/BULKHEAD8 - Immediate
09452451902 product page link
09455020005 datasheet linkCONN DUST CAP09455020005CONN DUST CAP28 - Immediate
09455020005 product page link
09452451903 datasheet linkPP USB 2A EASYINSTALL W/BULKHEAD09452451903PP USB 2A EASYINSTALL W/BULKHEAD26 - Immediate
09452451903 product page link
09459711112 datasheet linkCABLE RJ45 CAT5E 10M09459711112CABLE RJ45 CAT5E 10M6 - Immediate
09459711112 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29