har-flexicon®: Pluggable Single Conductor Wiring of I/O Signals

HARTING's SMT terminal blocks with fast connection technology

Image of Harting's har-flexicon®: Pluggable Single Conductor Wiring of I/O SignalsIn har-flexicon® the HARTING Technology Group has developed an innovative PCB connector technology for the connection of I/O signals of industrial equipment that satisfies all major requirements: quick single-wire connection without the use of tools for flexible working in the field, efficient surface-mount technology (SMT), miniaturized grid dimension, and high degree of mechanical robustness.

HARTING har-flexicon® Video

har-flexicon® Datasheet

  • Rapid, tool-less connection of single wires with Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC), push-in-spring-cage connection and screw connection up to 2.5 mm²
  • Low processing costs with automatic mount (SMT) and reflow soldering process
  • High level of rigidity on the PCB with side, large-area SMT fixings (1.27 mm and 2.54 mm)
  • High packaging density in pitches 1.27 mm and 2.54 mm

har-flexicon Terminal Blocks

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
14110410002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 4POS R/A 1.27MM14110410002000TERM BLK HDR 4POS R/A 1.27MM969 - Immediate
14110410002000 product page link
14011213102000 datasheet linkTERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 12POS 2.54MM14011213102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 12POS 2.54MM777 - Immediate
14011213102000 product page link
14010913101000 datasheet linkTERM BLK TOP ENTRY 9POS 2.54MM14010913101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 9POS 2.54MM499 - Immediate
14010913101000 product page link
14010913102000 datasheet linkTERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 9POS 2.54MM14010913102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 9POS 2.54MM955 - Immediate
14010913102000 product page link
14110913002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 9POS R/A 2.54MM14110913002000TERM BLK HDR 9POS R/A 2.54MM1175 - Immediate
14110913002000 product page link
14011013101000 datasheet linkTERM BLK TOP ENTRY 10POS 2.54MM14011013101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 10POS 2.54MM366 - Immediate
14011013101000 product page link
14110913001000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 9POS VERT 2.54MM14110913001000TERM BLOCK HDR 9POS VERT 2.54MM935 - Immediate
14110913001000 product page link
14011113102000 datasheet linkTERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 11POS 2.54MM14011113102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 11POS 2.54MM997 - Immediate
14011113102000 product page link
14111013002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 10POS R/A 2.54MM14111013002000TERM BLK HDR 10POS R/A 2.54MM1181 - Immediate
14111013002000 product page link
14011113101000 datasheet linkTERM BLK TOP ENTRY 11POS 2.54MM14011113101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 11POS 2.54MM500 - Immediate
14011113101000 product page link
14111013001000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 10POS VERT 2.54MM14111013001000TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS VERT 2.54MM865 - Immediate
14111013001000 product page link
14111113002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 11POS R/A 2.54MM14111113002000TERM BLK HDR 11POS R/A 2.54MM1200 - Immediate
14111113002000 product page link
14111113001000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 11POS VERT 2.54MM14111113001000TERM BLOCK HDR 11POS VERT 2.54MM974 - Immediate
14111113001000 product page link
14111213002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 12POS R/A 2.54MM14111213002000TERM BLK HDR 12POS R/A 2.54MM1146 - Immediate
14111213002000 product page link
14111213001000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 12POS VERT 2.54MM14111213001000TERM BLOCK HDR 12POS VERT 2.54MM943 - Immediate
14111213001000 product page link
14110313002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 3POS 4/A 2.54MM14110313002000TERM BLK HDR 3POS 4/A 2.54MM1141 - Immediate
14110313002000 product page link
14110513002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 5POS R/A 2.54MM14110513002000TERM BLK HDR 5POS R/A 2.54MM1170 - Immediate
14110513002000 product page link
14110613002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 6POS R/A 2.54MM14110613002000TERM BLK HDR 6POS R/A 2.54MM1126 - Immediate
14110613002000 product page link
14110713002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 7POS R/A 2.54MM14110713002000TERM BLK HDR 7POS R/A 2.54MM1171 - Immediate
14110713002000 product page link
14110813002000 datasheet linkTERM BLK HDR 8POS R/A 2.54MM14110813002000TERM BLK HDR 8POS R/A 2.54MM1125 - Immediate
14110813002000 product page link
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Published: 2014-04-22