Han-Modular® Connector System

Connectors from HARTING combine different transmission media with different contact types in a single connector

Han-Modular® Connector SystemHARTING's Han-Modular series is designed to combine different transmission media with different contact types in a single connector. This flexibility permits combinations of various different media including power, signal, fiber, coax, d-subs, pneumatics, and many more.

The pneumatic contacts are also suitable for the connection of liquid media. However, it must be stated that a combination of electrical and liquid connections in one connector is not allowed according to VDE regulations.

The individual modules are mounted inside the hoods and housings, allowing for an infinite number of combinations. The individual contacts used in this system are all from existing well-proven ranges. Depending on the size of the module and the size of the hood and housing, combinations of one to 12 modules can be combined into a single connector.

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  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Modular structure increases flexibility
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Robust design

Han-Modular Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
09120053001 datasheet linkINSERT MALE 5POS CRIMP09120053001INSERT MALE 5POS CRIMP338 - Immediate
09120053001 product page link
09300160301 datasheet linkCONN BASE BOTTOM ENTRY SZ16B09300160301CONN BASE BOTTOM ENTRY SZ16B93 - Immediate
09300160301 product page link
09120053101 datasheet linkINSERT FEMALE 5POS CRIMP09120053101INSERT FEMALE 5POS CRIMP99 - Immediate
09120053101 product page link
09120052633 datasheet linkINSERT MALE 5POS PUSH IN LOCK09120052633INSERT MALE 5POS PUSH IN LOCK66 - Immediate
09120052633 product page link
09120022753 datasheet linkINSERT FEMALE 2POS SCREW09120022753INSERT FEMALE 2POS SCREW17 - Immediate
09120022753 product page link
09110012651 datasheet linkMODULE MALE 1POS SCREW09110012651MODULE MALE 1POS SCREW30 - Immediate
09110012651 product page link
11123000110 datasheet linkCONN CARRIER HOOD IP65/6711123000110CONN CARRIER HOOD IP65/6744 - Immediate
11123000110 product page link
09120052733 datasheet linkINSERT FEMALE 5POS PUSH IN LOCK09120052733INSERT FEMALE 5POS PUSH IN LOCK16 - Immediate
09120052733 product page link
09120022654 datasheet linkINSERT MALE 2POS SCREW09120022654INSERT MALE 2POS SCREW14 - Immediate
09120022654 product page link
09120022754 datasheet linkINSERT FEMALE 2POS SCREW09120022754INSERT FEMALE 2POS SCREW7 - Immediate
09120022754 product page link
09110012751 datasheet linkMODULE FEMALE 1POS SCREW09110012751MODULE FEMALE 1POS SCREW14 - Immediate
09110012751 product page link
09120062663 datasheet linkINSERT MALE 4+2POS+1GND PUSH IN09120062663INSERT MALE 4+2POS+1GND PUSH IN10 - Immediate
09120062663 product page link
11051052803 datasheet linkHAN YELLOCK MULTIPLIER 3:211051052803HAN YELLOCK MULTIPLIER 3:228 - Immediate
11051052803 product page link
09140013111 datasheet linkHAN GIGABIT MODULE, FEMALE09140013111HAN GIGABIT MODULE, FEMALE18 - Immediate
09140013111 product page link
09140063041 datasheet linkMODULE MALE 6POS CRIMP09140063041MODULE MALE 6POS CRIMP9 - Immediate
09140063041 product page link
11123000301 datasheet linkCONN BASE BOTTOM ENTRY11123000301CONN BASE BOTTOM ENTRY21 - Immediate
11123000301 product page link
19411100522 datasheet linkCONN HOOD SIDE ENTRY SZ10B M3219411100522CONN HOOD SIDE ENTRY SZ10B M324 - Immediate
19411100522 product page link
19300160427 datasheet linkCONN HOOD TOP ENTRY SZ16B M3219300160427CONN HOOD TOP ENTRY SZ16B M325 - Immediate
19300160427 product page link
09120062666 datasheet linkINSERT MALE 4+2POS+1GND SCREW09120062666INSERT MALE 4+2POS+1GND SCREW4 - Immediate
09120062666 product page link
19410100301 datasheet linkCONN BASE BOTTOM ENTRY SZ10B19410100301CONN BASE BOTTOM ENTRY SZ10B4 - Immediate
19410100301 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29