Ha-VIS RFID System

HARTING's RFID solution offers everything needed for industrial applications

Image of Harting's Ha-VIS RFID SystemHARTING's total RFID solution offers everything needed for industrial applications, from transponders to antennas and readers. Real-time information and the close synchronization of computer data and real processes play a critical role in process management and process optimization. Ensuring that information precisely maps and concurs with reality is the only way to control processes optimally and reap savings potentials accordingly.

One important prerequisite for guaranteeing that data and processes are synchronized is an intelligent infrastructure that makes data transparent and available throughout a company in order to achieve the maximum savings potentials.

RFID offers the full potential to create intelligent infrastructures. Benefit from the simultaneous identification of up to several hundred objects, without the need for the direct line of sight as required by barcode solutions. The collected data are immediately ready for further processing throughout the company.

Ha-VIS RFID Systems

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
20926410202 datasheet linkVT 86 (HT) UHF TRANSPONDER20926410202VT 86 (HT) UHF TRANSPONDER75 - Immediate
20926410202 product page link
20932010103 datasheet linkWIDE RANGE ANT TNC SOCKET US20932010103WIDE RANGE ANT TNC SOCKET US4 - Immediate
20932010103 product page link
20932010303 datasheet linkUHF ULTRA LOW RANGE ANTENNA20932010303UHF ULTRA LOW RANGE ANTENNA2 - Immediate
20932010303 product page link
20926410102 datasheet linkPT 86 (HT) UHF TRANSPONDER20926410102PT 86 (HT) UHF TRANSPONDER020926410102 product page link
20932040102 datasheet linkSMA TO TNC 3METER ANT CABLE20932040102SMA TO TNC 3METER ANT CABLE020932040102 product page link
20932010302 datasheet linkMID RANGE ANT TNC SOCKET US20932010302MID RANGE ANT TNC SOCKET US020932010302 product page link
20911041104 datasheet linkRF-R500 UHF LR RFID READER20911041104RF-R500 UHF LR RFID READER020911041104 product page link
Published: 2013-04-16