RM Series Aluminum Rack Cases

Hammond Manufacturing's RM Series of vented and non-vented aluminum cases are suitable for equipment mounted in a 19-inch rack or for use as a desktop enclosure

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's RM Series Aluminum Rack CasesHammond Manufacturing's 19-inch family of rack cases are available in 1U, 2U, and 3U heights with depths of 8-inches (203 mm), 13-inches (330 mm), and 18-inches (457 mm). They are suitable for housing a wide range of equipment, either mounted in a 19-inch rack or used as a desktop enclosure.

The all-aluminum construction consists of a heavy-duty extruded frame, removable vented or plain top and bottom covers, optional 19-inch rack mounting angles, and self-adhesive rubber feet. The front and rear panels are removable and interchangeable, and flat construction makes machining and screening a simple process. Front panel handles that mount to the rack mounting angles are optionally available to assist with insertion and removal from a rack; to provide greater support for heavy loads, rear-mounting brackets can also be specified. The RM family is finished in durable black powder coat paint as standard.

The units are shipped in standard flat pack to minimize shipping costs and possible damage in transit; they can also be supplied factory assembled, punched, and screened to customer specification as an application-specific unit if required.

RM Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
RM1U1908SBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 8X16.6X1.75" BLACKRM1U1908SBKCHASSIS 8X16.6X1.75" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed119 - Immediate
103 - Factory Stock
RM1U1908SBK product page link
RM1U1908VBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 8X16.6X1.75" BLACKRM1U1908VBKCHASSIS 8X16.6X1.75" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed44 - Immediate
23 - Factory Stock
RM1U1908VBK product page link
RM2U1908SBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 8X16.6X3.5" BLACKRM2U1908SBKCHASSIS 8X16.6X3.5" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed52 - Immediate
84 - Factory Stock
RM2U1908SBK product page link
RM1U1913SBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 13X16.6X1.75" BLACKRM1U1913SBKCHASSIS 13X16.6X1.75" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed46 - Immediate
74 - Factory Stock
RM1U1913SBK product page link
RM2U1908VBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 8X16.6X3.5" BLACKRM2U1908VBKCHASSIS 8X16.6X3.5" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed43 - Immediate
34 - Factory Stock
RM2U1908VBK product page link
RM2U1913SBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 13X16.6X3.5" BLACKRM2U1913SBKCHASSIS 13X16.6X3.5" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed42 - Immediate
109 - Factory Stock
RM2U1913SBK product page link
RM1U1918SBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 18X16.6X1.8" BLACKRM1U1918SBKCHASSIS 18X16.6X1.8" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed70 - Immediate
51 - Factory Stock
RM1U1918SBK product page link
RM2U1913VBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 13X16.6X3.5" BLACKRM2U1913VBKCHASSIS 13X16.6X3.5" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed53 - Immediate
53 - Factory Stock
RM2U1913VBK product page link
RM3U1913SBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 13X16.6X5.3" BLACKRM3U1913SBKCHASSIS 13X16.6X5.3" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed33 - Immediate
5 - Factory Stock
RM3U1913SBK product page link
RM2U1918SBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 18X16.6X3.5" BLACKRM2U1918SBKCHASSIS 18X16.6X3.5" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed28 - Immediate
80 - Factory Stock
RM2U1918SBK product page link
RM2U1918VBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 18X16.6X3.5" BLACKRM2U1918VBKCHASSIS 18X16.6X3.5" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed42 - Immediate
19 - Factory Stock
RM2U1918VBK product page link
RM3U1918SBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 18X16.6X5.3" BLACKRM3U1918SBKCHASSIS 18X16.6X5.3" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed56 - Immediate
23 - Factory Stock
RM3U1918SBK product page link
RM3U1918VBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 18X16.6X5.3" BLACKRM3U1918VBKCHASSIS 18X16.6X5.3" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed57 - Immediate
66 - Factory Stock
RM3U1918VBK product page link
RM1U1913VBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 13X16.6X1.75" BLACKRM1U1913VBKCHASSIS 13X16.6X1.75" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed5 - Immediate
16 - Factory Stock
RM1U1913VBK product page link
RM3U1908SBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 8X16.6X5.25" BLACKRM3U1908SBKCHASSIS 8X16.6X5.25" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed25 - Immediate
57 - Factory Stock
RM3U1908SBK product page link
RM3U1908VBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 8X16.6X5.25" BLACKRM3U1908VBKCHASSIS 8X16.6X5.25" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed23 - Immediate
24 - Factory Stock
RM3U1908VBK product page link
RM1U1918VBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 18X16.6X1.8" BLACKRM1U1918VBKCHASSIS 18X16.6X1.8" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed7 - Immediate
16 - Factory Stock
RM1U1918VBK product page link
RM3U1913VBK datasheet linkCHASSIS 13X16.6X5.3" BLACKRM3U1913VBKCHASSIS 13X16.6X5.3" BLACKActiveChassis, Enclosed15 - Immediate
10 - Factory Stock
RM3U1913VBK product page link
Published: 2012-12-10