Aluminum Chassis with Walnut Side Panels

Hammond Manufacturing offers a series of retro chic desktop chassis

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's Aluminum Chassis with Walnut Side PanelsHammond Manufacturing's series of aluminum chassis with walnut side panels are ideal for consumer-facing products where appearance is as important as function and for retro-styled instrumentation. The HWCHAS consists of a complete walnut frame fitted with aluminum top and optional base panels, available with either a black powder coat or natural finish. The 1444CWW and the 1441CWW families are fabricated from aluminum or steel respectively, fitted with walnut end panels to the shorter sides. The aluminum version has a natural finish; the steel has a black powder coat finish.

The HWCHAS is available in two sizes, either 13" x 10" x 3" (330 x 254 x 76 mm) or 17" x 10" x 3" (432 x 254 x 76 mm). The chassis corners are of dovetailed construction, reinforced with corner posts fitted with brass inserts to take the panel fixings. The 2 mm thick top panel will support heavy components such as transformers without bowing. The 1444 and 1441CWW units come in six sizes ranging from 7" x 5" x 2" (178 x 127 x 51 mm) to 17" x 10" x 4" (432 x 254 x 102 mm). The rigid chassis is spot welded for strength and rigidity and is complete with an integral top panel, so there are no visible fixings to mar the sleek appearance.


  • Spot welded - heavy duty construction chassis
  • Natural aluminum or satin black powder finish
  • Side panels are made from solid walnut and routed out to fit over ends of chassis (pre-punched for easy mounting)
  • Optional bottom plates are punched with 4 holes – 3/16" diameter
  • Bottom plate hardware not provided, please order separately
  • Walnut side panels attach with four machine screws and lock washers (included) into metal inserts to avoid wood damage
  • Usable surface of chassis front, back, and top are reduced by roughly 7/8" (22 mm) due to inset in walnut sides

Aluminum Chassis with Walnut Side Panels

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContainer TypeSize / DimensionAvailable Quantity
1444-32CWW datasheet linkCHASSIS ALUM NAT 9.9"L X 16.9"W1444-32CWWCHASSIS ALUM NAT 9.9"L X 16.9"WChassis9.898" L x 16.898" W (251.41mm x 429.21mm)7 - Immediate
57 - Factory Stock
1444-32CWW product page link
1444-33CWW datasheet linkCHASSIS ALUM NAT 9.9"L X 16.9"W1444-33CWWCHASSIS ALUM NAT 9.9"L X 16.9"WChassis9.898" L x 16.898" W (251.41mm x 429.21mm)2 - Immediate
18 - Factory Stock
1444-33CWW product page link
1444-12CWW datasheet linkCHASSIS ALUM NAT 4.93"L X 6.93"W1444-12CWWCHASSIS ALUM NAT 4.93"L X 6.93"WChassis4.928" L x 6.928" W (125.17mm x 175.97mm)4 - Immediate
12 - Factory Stock
1444-12CWW product page link
1444-16CWW datasheet linkCHASSIS ALUM NAT 5.93"L X 9.93"W1444-16CWWCHASSIS ALUM NAT 5.93"L X 9.93"WChassis5.928" L x 9.928" W (150.57mm x 252.17mm)2 - Immediate
12 - Factory Stock
1444-16CWW product page link
1444-22CWW datasheet linkCHASSIS ALUM NAT 7.93"LX11.93"W1444-22CWWCHASSIS ALUM NAT 7.93"LX11.93"WChassis7.928" L x 11.928" W (201.37mm x 302.97mm)2 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
1444-22CWW product page link
1444-24CWW datasheet linkCHASSIS ALUM NAT 7.93"LX11.93"W1444-24CWWCHASSIS ALUM NAT 7.93"LX11.93"WChassis7.928" L x 11.928" W (201.37mm x 302.97mm)5 - Immediate
26 - Factory Stock
1444-24CWW product page link
Published: 2011-11-07