Accessory Handles

Hammond Manufacturing's broad line of handles will enhance any enclosure or sub rack

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's Accessory HandlesHammond Manufacturing has added a further 24 variants to its extensive line of handles, which are designed to complement enclosures, sub racks, chassis, drawers, and panels used in the electronic, networking, broadcasting, and electrical markets. All styles of handles have pleasing modern lines that will enhance any enclosure or sub rack to which they are fitted.

The handles family consists of six main types: round steel bar, styled plastic and aluminum, plastic, square and oval aluminum, flexible vinyl carry, and lift-up. The handles are available in a choice of finishes to complement or contrast with the equipment to which they are fitted. Depending on the material and style, they are available in chrome plate, black plasticized coating, clear anodized, or black anodized.

Many types are sized for use on the front of panels or sub racks from 1 U to 8 U high. For mounting on the sides of enclosures, the heavy-duty lift-up designs are rated at up to 330 lbs. (150 kg) per pair. Each family offers a particular combination of strength and aesthetics, ensuring that designers can combine the load-carrying and functional requirements of the handle with a pleasing overall appearance.

Accessory Handles

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeHeightLength - Center to CenterAvailable Quantity
HANDLE ALUM 5/8"X9/32" DIA OVAL1427C2HANDLE ALUM 5/8"X9/32" DIA OVALInstrumentation1.732" (43.99mm)4.016" (102.01mm)166 - Immediate
123 - Factory Stock
1427C2 product page link
HANDLE ALUMINUM CLEAR STRAIGHT1427C6HANDLE ALUMINUM CLEAR STRAIGHTDrawer, Type1.496" (38.00mm)2.756" (70.00mm)203 - Immediate
189 - Factory Stock
1427C6 product page link
HANDLE ALUMINUM MATTE 3.0X1.6"M3299-1231HANDLE ALUMINUM MATTE 3.0X1.6"Drawer, Type1.575" (40.00mm)2.953" (75.01mm)148 - Immediate
2 - Factory Stock
M3299-1231 product page link
HANDLE OVAL ALUMINUM BLACK1427C2BKHANDLE OVAL ALUMINUM BLACKInstrumentation1.732" (43.99mm)4.016" (102.01mm)48 - Immediate
31 - Factory Stock
1427C2BK product page link
HANDLE MOUNTING CENTER 7.25"1427JHANDLE MOUNTING CENTER 7.25"Folds Flat0.190" (4.83mm)7.250" (184.15mm)26 - Immediate
104 - Factory Stock
1427J product page link
HANDLE ALUM CLR 1/4X7/8" RECTANG1427C5HANDLE ALUM CLR 1/4X7/8" RECTANGInstrumentation1.339" (34.01mm)4.016" (102.01mm)29 - Immediate
108 - Factory Stock
1427C5 product page link
HANDLE 7"MOUNT/1.64"HIGH GR/CLR1427LGCHANDLE 7"MOUNT/1.64"HIGH GR/CLRDrawer, Type1.640" (41.66mm)7.000" (177.80mm)52 - Immediate
31 - Factory Stock
1427LGC product page link
BAIL BLACK PLUS HANDLE1427BAILKIT2BAIL BLACK PLUS HANDLEInstrumentation-16.600" (421.64mm)8 - Immediate
10 - Factory Stock
1427BAILKIT2 product page link
HANDLE FOLDING FLUSH MT 2/PKGM263-1HANDLE FOLDING FLUSH MT 2/PKGInset3.602" (91.49mm)4.646" (118.01mm)6 - Immediate
10 - Factory Stock
M263-1 product page link
HANDLE 3X1.3" W/HARDWARE BLACKM250-663HANDLE 3X1.3" W/HARDWARE BLACKDrawer, Type1.260" (32.00mm)2.638" (67.01mm)12 - Immediate
35 - Factory Stock
M250-663 product page link
HANDLE 4X1.4X0.52" W/HARDWAREM250-1003HANDLE 4X1.4X0.52" W/HARDWAREDrawer, Type1.417" (35.99mm)4.016" (102.01mm)6 - Immediate
44 - Factory Stock
M250-1003 product page link
HANDLE ALUMINUM BLK STRAIGHT1427C4HANDLE ALUMINUM BLK STRAIGHTDrawer, Type0.984" (24.99mm)4.370" (110.00mm)11 - Immediate
48 - Factory Stock
1427C4 product page link
HANDLE METAL1427RHANDLE METALInstrumentation--12 - Immediate
44 - Factory Stock
1427R product page link
HANDLE ALUMINUM MATTE 1.3X1.6"M3299-1131HANDLE ALUMINUM MATTE 1.3X1.6"Drawer, Type1.575" (40.00mm)1.260" (32.00mm)22 - Immediate
32 - Factory Stock
M3299-1131 product page link
HANDLE 3.5"MNT/1.64"HIGH BLK/CLR1427NBCHANDLE 3.5"MNT/1.64"HIGH BLK/CLRDrawer, Type1.640" (41.66mm)3.500" (88.90mm)8 - Immediate
142 - Factory Stock
1427NBC product page link
HANDLE ALUMINUM MATTE 3.5X1.6"M268-2HANDLE ALUMINUM MATTE 3.5X1.6"Drawer, Type1.575" (40.00mm)3.465" (88.01mm)9 - Immediate
36 - Factory Stock
M268-2 product page link
HANDLE 3.5"MOUNT/1.64"HIGH BLK1427NBBHANDLE 3.5"MOUNT/1.64"HIGH BLKDrawer, Type1.640" (41.66mm)3.500" (88.90mm)7 - Immediate
22 - Factory Stock
1427NBB product page link
HANDLE 4"MOUNT/1.64"HIGH BLK/CLR1427SBCHANDLE 4"MOUNT/1.64"HIGH BLK/CLRDrawer, Type1.640" (41.66mm)4.000" (101.60mm)6 - Immediate
23 - Factory Stock
1427SBC product page link
HANDLE 5"MOUNT/1.64"HIGH BLK1427TBBHANDLE 5"MOUNT/1.64"HIGH BLKDrawer, Type1.640" (41.66mm)5.000" (127.00mm)8 - Immediate
28 - Factory Stock
1427TBB product page link
HANDLE ALUMINUM MATTE 4.8X1.6"M268-3HANDLE ALUMINUM MATTE 4.8X1.6"Drawer, Type1.575" (40.00mm)4.764" (121.01mm)7 - Immediate
61 - Factory Stock
M268-3 product page link
Published: 2013-08-01