1599 Series Tablet Enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing's 1599 Series tablet enclosures are designed for hand-held touch-screen applications

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's 1599 Series Tablet EnclosuresHammond Manufacturing's 1599 tablet enclosure is designed for use in a wide variety of hand-held touch-screen applications. The initial size is 9.45 x 7.48 x 1.18 inches (240 x 190 x 30 mm). The enclosures feature recessed areas for touch-screens or other displays, and are available with or without a battery compartment. The battery compartment accepts four AA or two 9 V batteries, and connectors for both types are supplied. The removable plastic end panels are easily machined to provide cutouts to suit LEDs, connectors, and switches as required.

Molded in flame-retardant ABS, the units have a smooth curved shape that fits comfortably into the hand. They are produced in light grey or black. Both top and base are provided with PCB mounting standoffs, and the two shells are assembled together with screws into brass inserts, allowing repeated access to the interior without degrading the enclosure.

1599 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
1599BBK datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 5.12"L X 2.56"W1599BBKBOX ABS BLACK 5.12"L X 2.56"W445 - Immediate
4280 - Factory Stock
1599BBK product page link
1599BBKBAT datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 5.12"L X 2.56"W1599BBKBATBOX ABS BLACK 5.12"L X 2.56"W399 - Immediate
1936 - Factory Stock
1599BBKBAT product page link
1599EBK datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 6.69"L X 3.37"W1599EBKBOX ABS BLACK 6.69"L X 3.37"W444 - Immediate
3267 - Factory Stock
1599EBK product page link
1599BGY datasheet linkBOX ABS GRAY 5.12"L X 2.56"W1599BGYBOX ABS GRAY 5.12"L X 2.56"W108 - Immediate
1382 - Factory Stock
1599BGY product page link
1599EGYBAT datasheet linkBOX ABS GRAY 6.69"L X 3.37"W1599EGYBATBOX ABS GRAY 6.69"L X 3.37"W534 - Immediate
756 - Factory Stock
1599EGYBAT product page link
1599EBKBAT datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 6.69"L X 3.37"W1599EBKBATBOX ABS BLACK 6.69"L X 3.37"W125 - Immediate
834 - Factory Stock
1599EBKBAT product page link
1599HBK datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 8.66"L X 4.33"W1599HBKBOX ABS BLACK 8.66"L X 4.33"W185 - Immediate
1480 - Factory Stock
1599HBK product page link
1599KBKBAT datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 8.66"L X 5.51"W1599KBKBATBOX ABS BLACK 8.66"L X 5.51"W652 - Immediate
624 - Factory Stock
1599KBKBAT product page link
BS61 datasheet linkKIT 9V CLIP W/HOLDER & FOAM PADBS61KIT 9V CLIP W/HOLDER & FOAM PAD361 - Immediate
2848 - Factory Stock
BS61 product page link
MACHINE SCREW M3 100/PK1599HMS100BKMACHINE SCREW M3 100/PK31 - Immediate
19 - Factory Stock
1599HMS100BK product page link
1599HGY datasheet linkBOX ABS GRAY 8.66"L X 4.33"W1599HGYBOX ABS GRAY 8.66"L X 4.33"W99 - Immediate
81 - Factory Stock
1599HGY product page link
1599KBK datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 8.66"L X 5.51"W1599KBKBOX ABS BLACK 8.66"L X 5.51"W48 - Immediate
1095 - Factory Stock
1599KBK product page link
1599EGY datasheet linkBOX ABS GRAY 6.69"L X 3.37"W1599EGYBOX ABS GRAY 6.69"L X 3.37"W99 - Immediate
1993 - Factory Stock
1599EGY product page link
1599KGY datasheet linkBOX ABS GRAY 8.66"L X 5.51"W1599KGYBOX ABS GRAY 8.66"L X 5.51"W36 - Immediate
362 - Factory Stock
1599KGY product page link
1599CLIP datasheet linkBELT/POCKET CLIP HANDHELD BLACK1599CLIPBELT/POCKET CLIP HANDHELD BLACK3416 - Factory Stock1599CLIP product page link
1599BGYBAT datasheet linkBOX ABS GRAY 5.12"L X 2.56"W1599BGYBATBOX ABS GRAY 5.12"L X 2.56"W10 - Immediate
442 - Factory Stock
1599BGYBAT product page link
1599HBKBAT datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 8.66"L X 4.33"W1599HBKBATBOX ABS BLACK 8.66"L X 4.33"W21 - Immediate
107 - Factory Stock
1599HBKBAT product page link
MACHINE SCREW M3 100/PK1599HMS100MACHINE SCREW M3 100/PK6 - Immediate
12 - Factory Stock
1599HMS100 product page link
1599BTS100 datasheet linkSHT MTL SCW FLAT PHIL #4 100/PK1599BTS100SHT MTL SCW FLAT PHIL #4 100/PK3 - Immediate
12 - Factory Stock
1599BTS100 product page link
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Published: 2013-01-04