1550Z Series Enclosures

Economical heavy duty IP66 sealed thick wall die-cast enclosure from Hammond

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's 1550Z Series EnclosuresThe latest addition to the extensive selection of die-cast enclosures from Hammond Manufacturing is the 1550Z family, a range of thick wall (3 to 4 mm, depending on size) IP66 (NEMA 1, 4, 4X, 12 and 13 ratings) sealed boxes for use in applications where impact protection and environmental sealing are primary requirements. The 18 industry-standard sizes in the family range from 50 x 45 x 30 mm to 223 x 147 x 83 mm, and as standard they are supplied in either natural with a smooth vibra-finish or in a tough black polyester powder coated finish. Economically priced, the units offer outstanding value for money, achieved by multi-impression tools and automated machining and finishing during manufacture.

Environmental sealing is achieved through a combination of a tongue and groove construction and a pre-formed one-piece silicone rubber gasket; to ensure the integrity of the seal, the fixing screws are outside the gasket area. Depending on the size, the lid is secured with two, four or six stainless steel machine screws going in to factory-tapped holes to aid repeated opening and closing; in six selected sizes with thicker lids, captive screws are used as an alternative. The bases have raised lands to facilitate PCB or component mounting; interior space is maximized with smooth walls and a shallow draught angle. For securely attaching the enclosures to a surface if required, through-box blind holes are provided outside the sealed area.

1550Z Enclosures

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContainer TypeSize / DimensionHeightAvailable Quantity
1550Z220 datasheet linkBOX ALUM UNPAINTED 8.76"LX5.77"W1550Z220BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 8.76"LX5.77"WBox8.760" L x 5.768" W (222.50mm x 146.51mm)3.248" (82.50mm)222 - Immediate
351 - Factory Stock
1550Z220 product page link
1550Z220BK datasheet linkBOX ALUM BLACK 8.76"L X 5.77"W1550Z220BKBOX ALUM BLACK 8.76"L X 5.77"WBox8.760" L x 5.768" W (222.50mm x 146.51mm)3.248" (82.50mm)114 - Immediate
122 - Factory Stock
1550Z220BK product page link
1550Z106 datasheet linkBOX ALUM UNPAINTED 4.54"LX2.58"W1550Z106BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 4.54"LX2.58"WBox4.543" L x 2.575" W (115.39mm x 65.41mm)1.197" (30.40mm)215 - Immediate
426 - Factory Stock
1550Z106 product page link
1550Z103BK datasheet linkBOX ALUM BLACK 3.87"L X 2.54"W1550Z103BKBOX ALUM BLACK 3.87"L X 2.54"WBox3.874" L x 2.535" W (98.40mm x 64.39mm)1.354" (34.39mm)117 - Immediate
1550Z103BK product page link
1550Z113 datasheet linkBOX ALUM UNPAINTED 4.54"LX3.56"W1550Z113BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 4.54"LX3.56"WBox4.543" L x 3.559" W (115.39mm x 90.40mm)2.181" (55.40mm)121 - Immediate
522 - Factory Stock
1550Z113 product page link
1550Z111BK datasheet linkBOX ALUM BLACK 4.54"L X 2.58"W1550Z111BKBOX ALUM BLACK 4.54"L X 2.58"WBox4.543" L x 2.575" W (115.39mm x 65.41mm)2.181" (55.40mm)103 - Immediate
34 - Factory Stock
1550Z111BK product page link
1550Z113BK datasheet linkBOX ALUM BLACK 4.54"L X 3.56"W1550Z113BKBOX ALUM BLACK 4.54"L X 3.56"WBox4.543" L x 3.559" W (115.39mm x 90.40mm)2.181" (55.40mm)198 - Immediate
5 - Factory Stock
1550Z113BK product page link
1550Z139 datasheet linkBOX ALUM UNPAINTED 6.28"LX6.28"W1550Z139BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 6.28"LX6.28"WBox6.276" L x 6.276" W (159.41mm x 159.41mm)4.016" (102.01mm)715 - Immediate
2485 - Factory Stock
1550Z139 product page link
1550Z120BK datasheet linkBOX ALUM BLACK 6.74"L X 4.77"W1550Z120BKBOX ALUM BLACK 6.74"L X 4.77"WBox6.740" L x 4.772" W (171.20mm x 121.21mm)2.181" (55.40mm)167 - Immediate
112 - Factory Stock
1550Z120BK product page link
1550Z111 datasheet linkBOX ALUM UNPAINTED 4.54"LX2.58"W1550Z111BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 4.54"LX2.58"WBox4.543" L x 2.575" W (115.39mm x 65.41mm)2.181" (55.40mm)96 - Immediate
556 - Factory Stock
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Published: 2012-07-19