Freescale Sensing Solutions

Freescale's Sensing Solutions go far beyond a sensor translating a signal – it's enabling greater levels of sensing context and intelligence. By increasing levels of modular integration with multiple sensor inputs, logic and other building blocks, Freescale brings greater value and decision making to the overall sensing solution.

Sensing Solutions - Accelerometers

Freescale Sensing Solutions Accelerometers

Freescale Accelerometers are designed for end products and embedded systems that require measurement of forces resulting from fall, orientation, tap, double tap, tilt, jolt, motions, positioning, shake, shock or vibration.

Key Accelerometers in the Freescale Family

The MMA8653FC and MMA8652FC are intelligent, low-power, three-axis, capacitive micromachined accelerometers with 10 and 12 bits of resolution, respectively. These accelerometers are packed with embedded functions with flexible user-programmable options, configurable to two interrupt pins. Embedded interrupt functions enable overall power savings by relieving the host processor from continuously polling data. There is access to either low- or high-pass filtered data, which minimizes the data analysis required for jolt detection and faster transitions. These devices can be configured to generate inertial wake-up interrupt signals from any combination of the configurable embedded functions, enabling them to monitor inertial events while remaining in a low-power mode during periods of inactivity. The MMA8652FC and MMA8653FC are available in a small 10-pin DFN package (2 mm x 2 mm x 1 mm).

MMA8652FCR1: 12-bit accelerometer has industry-leading performance in a small 2 x 2 x 1 mm DFN package.

Part Number Description Availability More
MMA8652FCR1TR 3-axis Now
MMA8652FCR1CT 3-axis Now
MMA8652FCR1DKR 3-axis Now

MMA8653FCR1: 10-bit accelerometer has industry-leading performance in a small 2 x 2 x 1 mm DFN package.

Part Number Description Availability More
MMA8653FCR1TR 3-axis Now
MMA8653FCR1CT 3-axis Now
MMA8653FCR1DKR 3-axis Now

LFSTBEB865X: Sensor Toolbox development kit allows customers to quickly evaluate the two high-performance 3-axis accelerometers with all the embedded features of previous solutions now in a 56% smaller form-factor (2 x 2 x 1 mm DFN package). The development kit contains three PCBs: MMA8652FC and MMA8653FC accelerometer daughter cards and the sensor interface board.

Part Number Description Availability More
LFSTBEB865X 3-axis Now

RDMMA865X: Freescale's RDMMA865x is a complete kit containing four PCBs: MMA8652FC and MMA8653FC accelerometer daughter cards, sensor interface board and the LFSTBUSB communication board for running Freescale’s Sensor Toolbox PC software. Customers who already purchased the LFSTBUSB communication board, can order the condensed kit LFSTBEB865x.

Part Number Description Availability More
RDMMA865X 3-axis Now

FXLN83xxQ: 3-axis, low-power, low-g, analog output accelerometers that consist of an acceleration sensor along with a CMOS signal conditioning and control ASIC in a 3 x 3 x 1 mm QFN package.

Part Number Description Availability More
FXLN8361QR1 3-axis Now
FXLN8371QR1 3-axis Now

MMA7660FC: 3-axis, 6-bit digital output (I2C), very low power, low profile capacitive micro machined accelerometer featuring a low pass filter, compensation for 0g offset and gain errors.

Part Number Description Availability More
MMA7660FCT 6-bit 3-axis Now
MMA7660FCR1 6-bit 3-axis Now

MMA8450Q: 3-axis, 12-bit digital output , intelligent low power and noise accelerometer. It is packed with many flexible user programmable embedded functions that are available with two configurable interrupt pins.

Part Number Description Availability More
MMA8450QT 12-bit 3-axis Now
MMA8450QR1 12-bit 3-axis Now

MMA8451Q, MMA8452Q, MMA8453Q: Freescale's MMA8451, 2, 3 are extremely low power, 3-axis accelerometers offering a pin compatible family with a broad range of resolution (14-bit to 10-bit) and embedded features to select sophisticated system efficient features and configurable accurate motion analysis.

Part Number Description Availability More
MMA8451QT 14-bit 3-axis Now
MMA8451QR1 14-bit 3-axis Now
MMA8452QT 12-bit 3-axis Now
MMA8452QR1 12-bit 3-axis Now
MMA8453QT 10-bit 3-axis Now
MMA8453QR1 10-bit 3-axis Now

FXLS8471Q: The FXLS8471Q accelerometer is highly versatile for industrial and consumer high-performance low-g applications that offer noise density, board mount offset, temperature performance and sensitivity. Integrated motion detection features include tilt, shake and tap detection with a new vector magnitude output that simplifies implementation and reduces power consumption. This new FXLS8471Q accelerometer has a SPI interface that is pin-compatible with Freescale’s industry-leading I2C accelerometer portfolio.

Part Number Description Availability More
FXLS8471QR1 14-bit, 3-Axis Now Data Sheet
Application Notes

MMA955xL: Freescale’s MMA955xL intelligent motion sensing platform is an industry first with integration of a MEMS accelerometer, a 32-bit embedded ColdFire microcontroller, flash memory and a dedicated architecture to manage other sensors.

Part Number Description Availability More
MMA9553LR1 14-bit, 3-Axis Now Data Sheet
Application Notes

Key Proximity Sensors in the Freescale Family

FXAS21002: 3-axis, 16-bit I2C/SPI gyroscope offers extremely-low-power operation (active mode Idd = 2.7 mA) and incorporates advanced embedded features enabling significant system-level power savings over competing solutions.

Part Number Description Availability More
FXAS21002CQR1 16-bit 3-axis Now

MPR03x: The MPR03X is an Inter-Integrated Circuit Communication (I2C) driven Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller, optimized to manage two electrodes with interrupt functionality, or three electrodes with the interrupt disabled. When using an I2C protocol devices require separate addresses as no chip select line is available. Thus, in order to use two MPR03x devices in the same system the MPR031 and MPR032 are each available where different I2C addresses are assigned to each part number.

Part Number Description Availability More
MPR031EPR2 IC CTLR Touch Sensor Now
MPR032EPR2 IC CTLR Touch Sensor Now

MPR121: The MPR121 is the second generation sensor controller after the initial release of the MPR03x series devices. The MPR121 will feature increased internal intelligence in addition to Freescale's second generation capacitance detection engine.

Part Number Description Availability More
MPR121QR2 Capacitive Proximity Sensor Now Data Sheet
Application Notes

Magnetic Sensors

FXOS8700CQ: The 6-axis sensor combines industry-leading accelerometer and magnetometer sensors in a small 3 x 3 x 1.2 mm QFN plastic package. The 14-bit accelerometer and 16-bit magnetometer are combined with a high-performance ASIC to enable an eCompass solution capable of a typical orientation resolution of 0.1 degrees and sub 5 degree compass heading accuracy for most applications.

Part Number Description Availability More
FXOS8700CQR1 3D Accelerometer & 3D Magnetometer Now Datasheet
Application Notes

MAG3110: is a small, low-power digital 3-D magnetic sensor with a wide dynamic range to allow operation in PCBs with high extraneous magnetic fields. The MAG3110 magnetometer measures the three components of the local magnetic field which will be the sum of the geomagnetic field and the magnetic field created by components on the circuit board.

Part Number Description Availability More
MAG3110FCR1 3D Magnetometer Now Datasheet
Application Notes

Pressure Sensor

MPL3115A2: Freescale's MPL3115A2 provides highly precise pressure and altitude data with variable sampling rate capability. It has very low-power consumption, smart features and requires zero data processing for mobile devices, medical and security applications

Part Number Description Availability More
MPL3115A2 Absolute – 20-110 kPa Now Datasheet
Application Notes

CRTOUCH: Xtrinsic Touch-Sensing Platform – a Ready Play Solution

Freescale's Ready Play Solutions integrate functionality to different applications, allowing customers to add features while reducing development cost, simplifying design cycles and enabling scalability in applications and systems.

Part Number Description More
AFBR-0548Z KIT EVL FOR AFBR1624Z/AFBR-2624Z Data Sheet
Fact Sheet
Application Notes

TWRPI-PROXIMITY Proximity Tower Board

The TWRPI-PROXIMITY plug-in for the Freescale Tower System enables the evaluation of capacitive proximity sensing in your embedded designs. This plug-in, or daughter card, is compatible with Tower System modules that feature the touch-sensing interface and provides proximity detection of up to one inch (1"). Simply place the TWRPI-PROXIMITY onto a parent controller or peripheral module, and start sensing.

Part Number Description More
Fact Sheet

Development Tools: Freedom Development Platform

Freescale Freedom Development Platform

Freescale's Freedom Development Platform for Sensors with Bluetooth, the FRDM-FXS-MULTI-B, is a sensor expansion board for the MMA8652FC accelerometer, FXAS21002 gyroscope, MAG3110 3-axis magnetometer, MPL3115A2 pressure sensor, FXOS8700CQ 6-axis sensor and MMA9553L sensing platform. The FRDM-FXS-MULTI-B is the first of its kind offering 12-axis sensing, wireless with Bluetooth and the compatible Android™ app, the Sensor Fusion Toolbox.


  • Arduino™ footprint-compatible with support for sensor expansion boards
  • Small size at approximately 81 x 52 x 2 mm
  • Easy access to the MCU I/O pins
  • BlueRadio® Bluetooth, part number BR-LE4.0-D2A
Part Number More
Compatible Freedom
Development Hardware
Arduino R3-compatible board
FXAS21000 Gyroscope
MMA8652FC Accelerometer  
MPL3115A2 Altimeter/
Barometer Sensor
FXLS8471 Accelerometer  
MMA9553L Pedometer  
MAG3110 Magnetometer  
Bluetooth Module and

Sensor Toolbox

Freescale offers the Sensor Toolbox, which provides a customizable selection of sensor development tools, accessories and software from Freescale's portfolio of acceleration, pressure and touch sensors which enrich designs with a broad range of capabilities in detecting real-world conditions, such as motion, touch or pressure. If customers are only interested in the individual development tool for a given Accelerometer, Pressure Sensor or Touch Sensor, we recommend one of the following reference design boards:

Part Number Description More
KITMPXV5004DPEVB EVB for MPXV5004DP Data Sheet
Application Notes
KITMPR03xEVM EVB for MPR03x Data Sheet
Application Notes
KITMPR121EVM EVB for MPR121EVM Data Sheet
Application Notes
KITMPR084EVM MPR084 Eval KIT Data Sheet
Application Notes
MMA9553LR1 Motion Sensing Platform Data Sheet
Application Notes