MPC8247 Communications Processors

NXP's MPC8247 addresses the cost-sensitive needs of a wide variety of networking and communications applications

Image of Freescale Semiconductor's MPC8247 Communications ProcessorsNXP Semiconductor's high-performance MPC8272 PowerQUICC II™ processor family contains a core built on Power Architecture technology and addresses the cost-sensitive needs of a wide variety of networking and communications applications. By offering integrated hardware security, the MPC8272 family is well suited for networking equipment requiring encryption capabilities such as small and medium enterprise (SME) routers, virtual private network (VPN) and firewall routers, wireless access points, residential gateways, and xDSL equipment as well as imaging, industrial control, and test and measurement equipment.

Delivering an ideal combination of price, performance, and low-power operation, the MPC8272 family supports CPU frequencies ranging from 266 MHz to 400 MHz while offering the benefits of low power consumption (0.8 W at 266 MHz). The family's high level of on-chip integration and small-footprint 27 mm x 27 mm 516-pin PBGA packaging also enables developers to reduce board space.


  • Efficient, dual-core architecture combines the 603e core with a separate RISC-based communications processor module
  • High-performance operation with CPU frequencies scaling to 400 MHz, CPM frequencies at up to 200 MHz and bus speeds up to 100 MHz
  • Superior integration with features optimized for cost-sensitive designs and security-oriented networking applications
  • Economical, powerful integrated security engine that supports industry-standard encryption algorithms
  • Smooth migration path for PowerQUICC™ and PowerQUICC II processor-based designs
  • Strong third-party tools support through Freescale's Smart Networks Alliance Program members


  • Residential gateways
  • SOHO/ROBO and enterprise routers
  • Security applications, including VPN routers
  • Integrated access devices (IADs)
  • Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems
  • xDSL equipment RoHS Compliant
  • Wireless access points
  • Industrial control

MPC8247 Communications Processors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MPC8247CVRTIEA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 400MHZ 516BGAMPC8247CVRTIEAIC MPU MPC82XX 400MHZ 516BGA1169 - Immediate
MPC8247CVRTIEA product page link
MPC8270CVRMIBA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 516BGAMPC8270CVRMIBAIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 516BGA180 - Immediate
MPC8270CVRMIBA product page link
MPC8245LVV350D datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 350MHZ 352TBGAMPC8245LVV350DIC MPU MPC82XX 350MHZ 352TBGA144 - Immediate
MPC8245LVV350D product page link
MPC8245TVV333D datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 333MHZ 352TBGAMPC8245TVV333DIC MPU MPC82XX 333MHZ 352TBGA81 - Immediate
MPC8245TVV333D product page link
MPC8270VVUPEA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGAMPC8270VVUPEAIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGA151 - Immediate
MPC8270VVUPEA product page link
MPC8270CVVUPEA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGAMPC8270CVVUPEAIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGA42 - Immediate
MPC8270CVVUPEA product page link
MPC8248CVRMIBA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 516BGAMPC8248CVRMIBAIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 516BGA255 - Immediate
MPC8248CVRMIBA product page link
MPC8248VRTIEA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 400MHZ 516BGAMPC8248VRTIEAIC MPU MPC82XX 400MHZ 516BGA200 - Immediate
MPC8248VRTIEA product page link
MPC8248CVRTIEA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 400MHZ 516BGAMPC8248CVRTIEAIC MPU MPC82XX 400MHZ 516BGA227 - Immediate
MPC8248CVRTIEA product page link
MPC8270CVVQLDA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 333MHZ 408TBGAMPC8270CVVQLDAIC MPU MPC82XX 333MHZ 408TBGA42 - Immediate
MPC8270CVVQLDA product page link
MPC8250AVVPIBC datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 300MHZ 408TBGAMPC8250AVVPIBCIC MPU MPC82XX 300MHZ 408TBGA352 - Immediate
294 - Factory Stock
MPC8250AVVPIBC product page link
MPC8250ACZUMHBC datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 408TBGAMPC8250ACZUMHBCIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 408TBGA47 - Immediate
MPC8250ACZUMHBC product page link
MPC8270ZUUPEA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGAMPC8270ZUUPEAIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGA204 - Immediate
MPC8270ZUUPEA product page link
MPC8270CZUUPEA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGAMPC8270CZUUPEAIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGA233 - Immediate
MPC8270CZUUPEA product page link
MPC8280VVUPEA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGAMPC8280VVUPEAIC MPU MPC82XX 450MHZ 408TBGA27 - Immediate
MPC8280VVUPEA product page link
MPC8241LVR200D datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 200MHZ 357BGAMPC8241LVR200DIC MPU MPC82XX 200MHZ 357BGA182 - Immediate
MPC8241LVR200D product page link
MPC8241LVR266D datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 357BGAMPC8241LVR266DIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 357BGA132 - Immediate
MPC8241LVR266D product page link
MPC8245LVV266D datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 352TBGAMPC8245LVV266DIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 352TBGA407 - Immediate
MPC8245LVV266D product page link
MPC8245LVV333D datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 333MHZ 352TBGAMPC8245LVV333DIC MPU MPC82XX 333MHZ 352TBGA142 - Immediate
MPC8245LVV333D product page link
MPC8275VRMIBA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 516BGAMPC8275VRMIBAIC MPU MPC82XX 266MHZ 516BGA70 - Immediate
MPC8275VRMIBA product page link
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Published: 2010-09-13