MC68332 32-bit Microcontroller

NXP's highly-integrated 32-bit microcontroller

Image of NXP Semiconductor's MC68332 32-bit MicrocontrollerNXP Semiconductor's MC68332 is a highly-integrated 32-bit microcontroller that combines high-performance data manipulation capabilities with powerful peripheral subsystems. This MCU is built up from standard modules that interface through a common intermodule bus (IMB).The MCU incorporates a 32-bit CPU (CPU32), a system integration module (SIM), a time processing unit (TPU), a queued serial module (QSM), and a 2-Kbyte static RAM module with TPU emulation capability (TPURAM).


  • Table lookup and interpolate instruction
  • Improved exception handling for controller applications
  • Trace on change of flow
  • New instructions for controller applications
  • Hardware breakpoint signal, Background Debugging Mode (BDM)
  • Fully static operation
  • Central processing unit (CPU32)
  • Upward object code compatible
  • 32-bit architecture
  • Virtual memory implementation
  • Loop mode of instruction execution

System Integration Module

  • Dedicated micro-engine operating independently of CPU32RoHS Compliant
  • 16 independent programmable channels and pins
  • Any channel can perform any time function
  • Each channel has six or eight 16-bit parameter registers
  • Each timer function may be assigned to more than one channel
  • Two timer counter registers with programmable prescalers
  • Each channel can be synchronized to either or both counters
  • Selectable channel priority levels

MC68332 32-bit Microcontroller

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MC68331CEH16 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 132PQFPMC68331CEH16IC MCU 32BIT 132PQFP355 - Immediate
540 - Factory Stock
MC68331CEH16 product page link
MC68332ACEH16 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 132PQFPMC68332ACEH16IC MCU 32BIT 132PQFP114 - Immediate
MC68332ACEH16 product page link
MC68332ACEH25 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 132PQFPMC68332ACEH25IC MCU 32BIT 132PQFP431 - Immediate
MC68332ACEH25 product page link
MC68332ACAG16 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 144LQFPMC68332ACAG16IC MCU 32BIT 144LQFP138 - Immediate
MC68332ACAG16 product page link
MC68332ACAG25 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 144LQFPMC68332ACAG25IC MCU 32BIT 144LQFP399 - Immediate
MC68332ACAG25 product page link
MC68332ACEH20 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 132PQFPMC68332ACEH20IC MCU 32BIT 132PQFP126 - Immediate
5400 - Factory Stock
MC68332ACEH20 product page link
MC68EN360AI25L datasheet linkIC MPU M683XX 25MHZ 240FQFPMC68EN360AI25LIC MPU M683XX 25MHZ 240FQFP58 - Immediate
744 - Factory Stock
MC68EN360AI25L product page link
MC68331CAG16 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 144LQFPMC68331CAG16IC MCU 32BIT 144LQFP4205 - Immediate
MC68331CAG16 product page link
MC68LK332ACAG16 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 144LQFPMC68LK332ACAG16IC MCU 32BIT 144LQFP355 - Immediate
MC68LK332ACAG16 product page link
MC68332GCEH20 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 132PQFPMC68332GCEH20IC MCU 32BIT 132PQFP189 - Immediate
MC68332GCEH20 product page link
MC68LK332ACEH16 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 132PQFPMC68LK332ACEH16IC MCU 32BIT 132PQFP116 - Immediate
MC68LK332ACEH16 product page link
MC68302EH25C datasheet linkIC MPU M683XX 25MHZ 132QFPMC68302EH25CIC MPU M683XX 25MHZ 132QFP265 - Immediate
756 - Factory Stock
MC68302EH25C product page link
MC68360AI25L datasheet linkIC MPU M683XX 25MHZ 240FQFPMC68360AI25LIC MPU M683XX 25MHZ 240FQFP81 - Immediate
MC68360AI25L product page link
MC68332GCAG20 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 144LQFPMC68332GCAG20IC MCU 32BIT 144LQFP203 - Immediate
1200 - Factory Stock
MC68332GCAG20 product page link
MC68LC302AF16CT datasheet linkIC MPU M683XX 16MHZ 100LQFPMC68LC302AF16CTIC MPU M683XX 16MHZ 100LQFP140 - Immediate
MC68LC302AF16CT product page link
MC68LC302AF20CT datasheet linkIC MPU M683XX 20MHZ 100LQFPMC68LC302AF20CTIC MPU M683XX 20MHZ 100LQFP180 - Immediate
4680 - Factory Stock
MC68LC302AF20CT product page link
MC68LC302AF16VCT datasheet linkIC MPU M683XX 16MHZ 100LQFPMC68LC302AF16VCTIC MPU M683XX 16MHZ 100LQFP152 - Immediate
810 - Factory Stock
MC68LC302AF16VCT product page link
MC68302EH20C datasheet linkIC MPU M683XX 20MHZ 132QFPMC68302EH20CIC MPU M683XX 20MHZ 132QFP152 - Immediate
MC68302EH20C product page link
MC68332GCEH25 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 132PQFPMC68332GCEH25IC MCU 32BIT 132PQFP119 - Immediate
MC68332GCEH25 product page link
MC68360CAI25L datasheet linkIC MPU M683XX 25MHZ 240FQFPMC68360CAI25LIC MPU M683XX 25MHZ 240FQFP31 - Immediate
MC68360CAI25L product page link
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Published: 2011-01-14