MC34704 Multi-channel Power Management IC

NXP Semiconductor and Digi-Key introduce MC34704 Multi-channel Power Management IC (PMIC)

Image of Freescale Semiconductor's MC34704 Multi-channel Power Management IC (PMIC)NXP Semiconductor's 34704 is a multi-channel Power Management IC (PMIC) used to address power management needs for various multimedia application microprocessors. Its ability to provide either 5 or 8 independent output voltages with a single input power supply (2.7 and 5.5 V) together with its high efficiency, make it ideal for portable devices powered up by Li-Ion/polymer batteries or for USB powered devices as well.

The 34704 is housed in a 7 x 7 mm, Pb-free, QFN56 and is capable of operating at a switching frequency of up to 2 MHz. This makes it possible to reduce external component size and to implement full space efficient power management solutions.

Features Applications
  • 8 DC/DC (34704A) or 5 DC/DC (34704B) switching regulators with up to ±2% output voltage accuracy
  • Dynamic voltage scaling on all regulators
  • Selectable voltage mode control or current mode control on REG8
  • I²C programmability
  • Output under-voltage and over-voltage detection for each regulator
  • Over-current limit detection and short-circuit protection for each regulator
  • Thermal limit detection for each regulator, except REG7
  • Integrated compensation for REG1, REG3, REG6, and REG8
  • 5 µA maximum shutdown current (All regulators are off, 5.5 V VIN)
  • True cutoff on all of the boost and buck-boost regulators
  • Portable devices powered by Li-Ion/polymer batteries or USB
  • Portable media players
  • Smart phone
  • Wireless PDA
  • Portable navigation device
  • Security or digital still cameras
  • Remote control
  • Laser printer or fax machine
  • Mobile gaming console
  • Small appliance
  • Point-of-sale terminal

MC34704 Multi-channel Power Management IC

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MC34704BEPR2 datasheet linkIC PWR MNGMT DC-DC MULT 56-QFNMC34704BEPR2IC PWR MNGMT DC-DC MULT 56-QFN2714 - Immediate
MC34704BEPR2 product page link
MC34704AEPR2 datasheet linkIC PWR MNGMT DC-DC MULT 56-QFNMC34704AEPR2IC PWR MNGMT DC-DC MULT 56-QFN7091 - Immediate
MC34704AEPR2 product page link
Published: 2010-12-29