Freescale's FRDM-KL26Z for Kinetis KL16 and KL26 MCUs (up to 128 KB Flash)

Image of Freescale Semiconductor's FRDM-KL26Z

The Freescale FRDM-KL26Z is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis L series KL16 and KL26 MCUs (up to 128 KB Flash and up to 64-pin packages) built on ARM® Cortex-M0+ processor. Features include easy access to MCU I/O, battery-ready, low-power operation, a standard-based form-factor with expansion board options, and a built-in debug interface for Flash programming and run-control. The FRDM-KL26Z is supported by a range of Freescale and third-party development software.

For development tools for KL16 and KL26 with 256 KB Flash or greater than 64-pin packages, please use FRDM-KL46Z and TWR-KL46Z48M.

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCore ProcessorCore SizeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
MKL26Z128VFT4IC MCU ARM 128KB FLASH 48QFNTrayARM® Cortex®-M0+32-Bit205 - Immediate
MKL26Z128VLH4IC MCU ARM 128KB FLASH 64LQFPTrayARM® Cortex®-M0+32-Bit541 - Immediate
5920 - Factory Stock
MKL16Z128VFT4IC MCU ARM 128KB FLASH 48QFNTrayARM® Cortex®-M0+32-Bit56 - Immediate
MKL16Z128VLH4IC MCU ARM 128KB FLASH 64LQFPTrayARM® Cortex®-M0+32-Bit34 - Immediate
Evaluation Boards
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionBoard TypeTypeCore ProcessorAvailable QuantityBuy Now
FRDM-KL46ZFREEDOM BD KINETIS KL46Evaluation PlatformMCU 32-BitARM® Cortex®-M0+256 - Immediate
FRDM-KL26ZBOARD EVAL FOR KL26 64LQFPEvaluation PlatformMCU 32-BitARM® Cortex®-M0+69 - Immediate
37 - Factory Stock
TWR-KL46Z48MTOWER BOARD FOR KL46Evaluation PlatformMCU 32-BitARM® Cortex®-M0+5 - Immediate
Published: 2013-11-13