FOX924 Series Integrated HCMOS TCXOs

FOX924 features a small 5.0 mm x 3.2 mm SMD package size

Image of Fox Electronics' FOX924 Series Integrated HCMOS TCXOsFox Electronics' 3.3V FOX924 series oscillators eliminate the need for supplementary external circuitry to obtain an HCMOS output. They are ideal for timing requirements in applications such as radio frequency identification (RFID) readers, utility metering, wireless telecommunications, GPS, data transfer, test equipment, and measurement equipment. These oscillators offer significantly tighter stabilities than traditional oscillators.

Stability is ±2.5 ppm over the -30°C to +85°C operating temperature range, ±0.3ppm over the 3.3 V (±5%) supply voltage and ±0.2ppm over the 15 pF load change. The series offers an input current (IDD) of 6mA and an output symmetry of 40% to 60% over a frequency range of 10MHz to 30MHz. Maximum reflow soldering temperature is 260°C at 10s. These RoHS compliant oscillators have a gold termination finish and a maximum height of 1.5 mm.


  • 3.3V operation
  • 1.5mm hight maximum
  • HCMOS output
  • Low cost
  • Tape and Reel available

FOX924 Series Integrated HCMOS TCXOs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequencyAvailable Quantity
FOX924B-16.000 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 16.000MHZ HCMOS SMDFOX924B-16.000OSC TCXO 16.000MHZ HCMOS SMD16MHz2310 - Immediate
FOX924B-16.000 product page link
FOX924B-25.000 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 25.000MHZ HCMOS SMDFOX924B-25.000OSC TCXO 25.000MHZ HCMOS SMD25MHz18683 - Immediate
FOX924B-25.000 product page link
FOX924B-14.7456 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 14.7456MHZ HCMOS SMDFOX924B-14.7456OSC TCXO 14.7456MHZ HCMOS SMD14.7456MHz1553 - Immediate
FOX924B-14.7456 product page link
FOX924B-19.440 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 19.44MHZ HCMOS SMDFOX924B-19.440OSC TCXO 19.44MHZ HCMOS SMD19.44MHz323 - Immediate
FOX924B-19.440 product page link
FOX924B-10.000 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 10.000MHZ HCMOS SMDFOX924B-10.000OSC TCXO 10.000MHZ HCMOS SMD10MHz0FOX924B-10.000 product page link
FOX924B-12.000 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 12.000MHZ HCMOS SMDFOX924B-12.000OSC TCXO 12.000MHZ HCMOS SMD12MHz0FOX924B-12.000 product page link
FOX924B-12.288 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 12.288MHZ HCMOS SMDFOX924B-12.288OSC TCXO 12.288MHZ HCMOS SMD12.288MHz0FOX924B-12.288 product page link
FOX924B-20.000 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 20.000MHZ HCMOS SMDFOX924B-20.000OSC TCXO 20.000MHZ HCMOS SMD20MHz0FOX924B-20.000 product page link
FOX924B-27.000 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 27.000MHZ HCMOS SMDFOX924B-27.000OSC TCXO 27.000MHZ HCMOS SMD27MHz0FOX924B-27.000 product page link
Published: 2009-08-07