MINITEK 127™ Connector System

Amphenol FCI's versatile modular connector system addresses today's market requirements

Amphenol FCI's Minitek 127 is housed in a high-temperature, black thermoplastic cover and is a full modular system on a 1.27 mm (0.050") pitch. Its flammability rating is UL 94 V-0. The pin is constructed of copper alloy and has gold over 1.0µ (40µ") nickel plating. The Minitek 127 offers a wide variety of options suitable for a multitude of designs or applications.

The Minitek 127 electrical performance includes a current rating of 1 A continuous, with a contact resistance of 30 mΩ maximum. The series has a voltage rating of 125 V and a dielectric withstanding voltage of 500 V. It can also withstand exposure to 260°C peak temperature for 10 seconds in a wave solder application with a PCB.

MINITEK 127 Connector System

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
20021111-00010T4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 10POS UNSHD VERT T/H20021111-00010T4LFCONN HEADER 10POS UNSHD VERT T/H37982 - Immediate
20021111-00010T4LF product page link
20021111-00012T4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 12POS UNSHD VERT T/H20021111-00012T4LFCONN HEADER 12POS UNSHD VERT T/H11996 - Immediate
20021111-00012T4LF product page link
20021111-00020T4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 20POS UNSHD VERT T/H20021111-00020T4LFCONN HEADER 20POS UNSHD VERT T/H5763 - Immediate
20021111-00020T4LF product page link
20021111-00006T4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 6POS UNSHD VERT T/H20021111-00006T4LFCONN HEADER 6POS UNSHD VERT T/H6428 - Immediate
20021111-00006T4LF product page link
20021111-00008T4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 8POS UNSHD VERT T/H20021111-00008T4LFCONN HEADER 8POS UNSHD VERT T/H3124 - Immediate
20021111-00008T4LF product page link
20021111-00014T4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 14POS UNSHD VERT T/H20021111-00014T4LFCONN HEADER 14POS UNSHD VERT T/H2262 - Immediate
20021111-00014T4LF product page link
20021111-00016T4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 16POS UNSHD VERT T/H20021111-00016T4LFCONN HEADER 16POS UNSHD VERT T/H1751 - Immediate
20021111-00016T4LF product page link
20021111-00026T4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 26POS UNSHD VERT T/H20021111-00026T4LFCONN HEADER 26POS UNSHD VERT T/H2014 - Immediate
20021111-00026T4LF product page link
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Published: 2010-05-04