BERGSTAK® 0.8 mm Mezzanine Connectors

Amphenol FCI's Bergstak offers 12 PCB stack heights in 9 sizes

Image of FCI's Bergstak® 0.8mm Mezzanine ConnectorsAmphenol FCI's Bergstak is a versatile, high density, parallel board-to-board connector system that offers 12 PCB stack heights in 9 sizes up to two hundred positions. Stack height flexibility supports evolving designs and emerging mechanical requirements with a common mating interface. Special housing and blade-on-beam terminal features provide easy PCB assembly, worry-free mating, and long-term reliability.

Features and Benefits
  • Choice of gold- and palladium-based plating provides protection in different environments and applications
  • Tapered PCB locator pegs increase the ease and accuracy of hand assembly
  • Blade-on-beam contacts allow peeling for safer, easier un-mating
  • 0.8 mm double-row contact pitch conserves PCB space
  • Tape and reel packaging supports high-speed automated assembly
  • PCIe®Gen.2 high speed performance on some stack heights
  • Fully inter-matable with similar competitive connectors
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Telecom/datacom equipment
  • Office equipment
  • IP phones
  • Test and measurement
  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Portable industrial terminals

Bergstak MezzSelect

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusConnector TypeAvailable Quantity
61083-042402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 40POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-042402LFCONN HEADER 40POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts1172 - Immediate
61083-042402LF product page link
61083-081402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 80POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-081402LFCONN HEADER 80POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts1737 - Immediate
61083-081402LF product page link
61083-102402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 100POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-102402LFCONN HEADER 100POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts224 - Immediate
61083-102402LF product page link
61082-121402LF datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 120POS .8MM DUAL SMD61082-121402LFCONN RECEPT 120POS .8MM DUAL SMDActiveReceptacle, Outer Shroud Contacts912 - Immediate
61082-121402LF product page link
61083-184402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 180POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-184402LFCONN HEADER 180POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts1039 - Immediate
61083-184402LF product page link
61083-044402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 40POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-044402LFCONN HEADER 40POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts2071 - Immediate
61083-044402LF product page link
61083-041402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 40POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-041402LFCONN HEADER 40POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts1027 - Immediate
61083-041402LF product page link
61083-063402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 60POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-063402LFCONN HEADER 60POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts713 - Immediate
61083-063402LF product page link
61082-083402LF datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 80POS .8MM DUAL SMD61082-083402LFCONN RECEPT 80POS .8MM DUAL SMDActiveReceptacle, Outer Shroud Contacts325 - Immediate
61082-083402LF product page link
10132798-012100LF datasheet linkCONN RCPT 10POS 2.7MM SMD10132798-012100LFCONN RCPT 10POS 2.7MM SMDActiveReceptacle, Center Strip Contacts5858 - Immediate
10132798-012100LF product page link
10132797-015100LF datasheet linkCONN VERT 10POS 4.3MM SMD10132797-015100LFCONN VERT 10POS 4.3MM SMDActivePlug, Outer Shroud Contacts5801 - Immediate
10132797-015100LF product page link
10132797-021100LF datasheet linkCONN VERT 20POS 2.3MM SMD10132797-021100LFCONN VERT 20POS 2.3MM SMDActivePlug, Outer Shroud Contacts6692 - Immediate
10132797-021100LF product page link
10132798-031100LF datasheet linkCONN RCPT 30POS 2.15MM SMD10132798-031100LFCONN RCPT 30POS 2.15MM SMDActiveReceptacle, Center Strip Contacts5699 - Immediate
10132798-031100LF product page link
10132798-022100LF datasheet linkCONN RCPT 20POS 2.7MM SMD10132798-022100LFCONN RCPT 20POS 2.7MM SMDActiveReceptacle, Center Strip Contacts4185 - Immediate
10132798-022100LF product page link
10132797-031100LF datasheet linkCONN VERT 30POS 2.3MM SMD10132797-031100LFCONN VERT 30POS 2.3MM SMDActivePlug, Outer Shroud Contacts6242 - Immediate
10132797-031100LF product page link
10132798-032100LF datasheet linkCONN RCPT 30POS 2.7MM SMD10132798-032100LFCONN RCPT 30POS 2.7MM SMDActiveReceptacle, Center Strip Contacts5873 - Immediate
10132798-032100LF product page link
61083-043402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 40POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-043402LFCONN HEADER 40POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts1927 - Immediate
61083-043402LF product page link
61083-082402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 80POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-082402LFCONN HEADER 80POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts2039 - Immediate
61083-082402LF product page link
61082-043400LF datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 40POS .8MM DUAL SMD61082-043400LFCONN RECEPT 40POS .8MM DUAL SMDActiveReceptacle, Outer Shroud Contacts479 - Immediate
61082-043400LF product page link
61083-084402LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 80POS .8MM DUAL SMD61083-084402LFCONN HEADER 80POS .8MM DUAL SMDActivePlug, Center Strip Contacts420 - Immediate
61083-084402LF product page link
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Published: 2013-07-02