FCM8531QY Parallel-Core Processor

The FCM8531 application-specific parallel-core processor consists of an Advanced Motor Controller processor and a MCS®51-compatible MCU processor

Image of Fairchild's FCM8531QY Parallel-Core ProcessorFairchild Semiconductor's FCM8531 is an application-specific, parallel-core processor for motor control that consists of an Advanced Motor Controller (AMC) processor and a MCS51-compatible MCU processor. The AMC is a core processor specifically designed for motor control. It integrates a configurable processing core and peripheral circuits to perform FOC and "Sensorless" motor control. System control, user interface, communication interface, and input/output interface can be programmed through the embedded MCS51 for different motor applications.

The advantage of FCM8531's parallel-core processors is that the two processors can work independently and complement each other. The AMC processes the tasks dedicated for motor controls, such as the motor control algorithms, PWM controls, current sensing, real-time over-current protection, and motor angle calculation. The embedded MCU provides motor control commands to the AMC to perform motor control activities through a communication interface. This approach reduces the software burden and simplifies the control system program because complex motor control algorithms are executed in the AMC. Fairchild provides the Motor Control Development System (MCDS) IDE and MCDS Programming Kit for users to develop software, compile programs, and perform online debugging.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMotor Type - StepperMotor Type - AC, DCAvailable Quantity
FCM8531QY datasheet linkIC MOTOR CTLR I2C/SPI 32LQFPFCM8531QYIC MOTOR CTLR I2C/SPI 32LQFP-Brushless DC (BLDC)0FCM8531QY product page link
Published: 2013-04-18