XL Series Power Supplies

Excelsys Technologies' XL series power supplies provide up to 750 W in a slim line, 1U package

Image of Excelsys Technologies' XL Series Power SuppliesExcelsys Technologies' XL family of power supplies provides up to 750 W in a slim line, 1U package. Providing up to 8 isolated outputs, the XL family is the most flexible power supply in its class and brings affordable configurable power to the 200 W to 750 W markets.

The slim line product boasts unrivalled power density, saving valuable system space. Combined with ultra-high efficiencies, the XL family provides system designers with flexible instant solutions that significantly shorten design-in time and simplify integration.

The XL family consists of 4 powerPac models in 200 W, 400 W, 600 W, and 750 W power levels. Each powerPac model may be populated with up to 4 powerMods selected from the table of powerMods shown below.

All configurations carry full safety agency approvals, UL60950 and EN60950, and are CE marked.

  • Ultra high efficiency, up to 89%
  • Extra low profile: 1U height (40 mm)
  • Plug & Play Power - allows fast custom configuration
  • Individual output control signals
  • Fully-floating outputs
  • Series / Parallel of multiple outputs
  • Few electrolytic capacitors (all long life)
  • Visual LED indicators
  • 5 V bias standby voltage provided
  • Industrial machines
  • Test and measurement
  • Automation equipment
  • Printing
  • Telecommunications

XL Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of PositionsAvailable Quantity
XLA-01 datasheet linkPOWER CHASSIS 200W 4 SLOTXLA-01POWER CHASSIS 200W 4 SLOTStandard479 - Immediate
XLA-01 product page link
XLB-01 datasheet linkPOWER CHASSIS 400W 4 SLOTXLB-01POWER CHASSIS 400W 4 SLOTStandard464 - Immediate
XLB-01 product page link
XLC-01 datasheet linkPOWER CHASSIS 600W 4 SLOTXLC-01POWER CHASSIS 600W 4 SLOTStandard472 - Immediate
XLC-01 product page link
XLC-00 datasheet linkPOWER CHASSIS 600W 4 SLOTXLC-00POWER CHASSIS 600W 4 SLOTStandard441 - Immediate
XLC-00 product page link
XLD-00 datasheet linkPOWER CHASSIS 750W 4 SLOTXLD-00POWER CHASSIS 750W 4 SLOTStandard458 - Immediate
XLD-00 product page link
XLB-00 datasheet linkPOWER CHASSIS 400W 4 SLOTXLB-00POWER CHASSIS 400W 4 SLOTStandard428 - Immediate
XLB-00 product page link
XLA-00 datasheet linkPOWER CHASSIS 200W 4 SLOTXLA-00POWER CHASSIS 200W 4 SLOTStandard43 - Immediate
XLA-00 product page link
XLD-01 datasheet linkPOWER CHASSIS 750W 4 SLOTXLD-01POWER CHASSIS 750W 4 SLOTStandard44 - Immediate
XLD-01 product page link
XLBC01 datasheet linkCONF POWER CHASSIS 400W 4 SLOTXLBC01CONF POWER CHASSIS 400W 4 SLOTStandard412 - Immediate
XLBC01 product page link
XLDC01 datasheet linkCONF POWER CHASSIS 750W 4 SLOTXLDC01CONF POWER CHASSIS 750W 4 SLOTStandard40XLDC01 product page link
Published: 2013-04-01