SG-210 Series Crystal Oscillators

Epson introduces SG-210 series crystal oscillators

Image of EPSON's SG-210 Series Crystal OscillatorsWith manufacturers increasingly incorporating GPS, cameras, and other new functions such as one-segment digital multimedia broadcast viewing into mobile phones and other compact mobile devices, electronic components must be compact and energy efficient.

To meet these needs, Epson has developed the SG-210 series of crystal oscillators that feature current consumption up to 50 percent lower than that of predecessor models. The SG-210 Series offers low voltage drive with a wide output frequency range suitable for a wide array of clock applications.

SG-210 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
SG-210STF 16.0000ML datasheet linkOSC XO 16.000MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 16.0000MLOSC XO 16.000MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)612 - Immediate
SG-210STF 16.0000ML product page link
SG-210STF 13.5600ML datasheet linkOSC XO 13.56MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 13.5600MLOSC XO 13.56MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)466 - Immediate
SG-210STF 13.5600ML product page link
SG-210STF 1.0000ML datasheet linkOSC XO 1.000MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 1.0000MLOSC XO 1.000MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)429 - Immediate
SG-210STF 1.0000ML product page link
SG-210STF 8.0000ML datasheet linkOSC XO 8.000MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 8.0000MLOSC XO 8.000MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)399 - Immediate
SG-210STF 8.0000ML product page link
SG-210STF 33.3333ML datasheet linkOSC XO 33.3333MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 33.3333MLOSC XO 33.3333MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)291 - Immediate
SG-210STF 33.3333ML product page link
SG-210STF 27.1200ML datasheet linkOSC XO 27.12MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 27.1200MLOSC XO 27.12MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)0SG-210STF 27.1200ML product page link
SG-210STF 28.63636ML datasheet linkOSC XO 28.63636MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 28.63636MLOSC XO 28.63636MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)0SG-210STF 28.63636ML product page link
SG-210STF 4.0000ML datasheet linkOSC XO 4.000MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 4.0000MLOSC XO 4.000MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)43 - Immediate
SG-210STF 4.0000ML product page link
SG-210STF 12.2880ML datasheet linkOSC XO 12.288MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 12.2880MLOSC XO 12.288MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)674 - Immediate
SG-210STF 12.2880ML product page link
SG-210STF 50.0000ML datasheet linkOSC XO 50.000MHZ CMOS SMDSG-210STF 50.0000MLOSC XO 50.000MHZ CMOS SMDActiveXO (Standard)0SG-210STF 50.0000ML product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29