EPC 9016 and 9017 Development Boards

EPC development boards optimized for high-current, low duty-cycle applications

Image of EPC's 9016 and 9017 Development BoardsEPC's development boards are in half-bridge configurations containing a single top-side device and two parallel bottom devices. These boards are recommended for high-current, lower-duty cycle applications such as point-of-load converters and non-isolated telecom infrastructure.

The EPC9016 development board is a 40 V maximum device voltage, 25 A maximum output current half bridge with onboard gate drives, featuring the EPC2015 enhancement-mode (eGaN) field effect transistor (FET).

The EPC9017 development board is a 100 V maximum device voltage, 20 A maximum output current half bridge with onboard gate drives, featuring the EPC2001 enhancement-mode (eGaN) field effect transistor (FET).


  • Simplify the evaluation process
  • Connects easily into any existing converter design
  • Contains all critical components and layout for optimal switching performance
  • All connections to the development boards are non-critical and can tolerate stray inductance

Development Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeEmbeddedUtilized IC / PartAvailable Quantity
EPC9017 datasheet linkBOARD DEV FOR EPC2001 100V EGANEPC9017BOARD DEV FOR EPC2001 100V EGANPower Management, Half H-Bridge Driver (External FET)NoEPC200131 - Immediate
EPC9017 product page link
EPC9016 datasheet linkBOARD DEV FOR EPC2015 40V EGANEPC9016BOARD DEV FOR EPC2015 40V EGANPower Management, Half H-Bridge Driver (External FET)NoEPC20150EPC9016 product page link
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Published: 2014-03-20