MCX Connectors and Cable Assemblies

A broad offering of MCX-style connectors from Cinch Connectivity Solutions

Image of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' MCX Connectors and AssembliesCinch Connectivity Solutions’ Johnson product line is a leader in MCX connectors, with one of the broadest product offerings in the industry. Typically used in antenna applications for GPS receivers and Wi-Fi applications, the MCX uses a robust snap-on interface. Most MCX connectors are rated to 6 GHz. Cinch Connectivity Solutions offers 50 Ω standard- and reverse-polarity MCX connectors, as well as 75 Ω standard polarity. Also available are a complete line of fixed-length cable assemblies using MCX connectors.

  • Cabled connectors available for all popular RG cable types
  • Board-mount connectors available in surface-mount and end-launch
  • Tape-and-reel options for many popular board-mount connectors
  • Available with gold or nickel plating
  • Non-magnetic applications available
  • Many adapter configurations available
  • Available in 50 Ω standard and reverse polarity, as well as 75 Ω standard polarity
  • Complete line of fixed-length cable assemblies, custom cable assemblies available by request

MCX Connectors and Assemblies

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 6" RG-178415-0015-006CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 6" RG-178869 - Immediate
415-0015-006 product page link
CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 12" RG-178415-0015-012CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 12" RG-178183 - Immediate
415-0015-012 product page link
CABLE MCX/MCX 6" RG-178415-0014-006CABLE MCX/MCX 6" RG-178121 - Immediate
415-0014-006 product page link
CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 12" RG-316415-0019-012CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 12" RG-316127 - Immediate
415-0019-012 product page link
CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 36" RG-178415-0015-036CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 36" RG-178151 - Immediate
415-0015-036 product page link
CABLE MCX/MCX-JACK 12" RG-316415-0016-012CABLE MCX/MCX-JACK 12" RG-316142 - Immediate
415-0016-012 product page link
CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 6" RG-316415-0019-006CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 6" RG-316737 - Immediate
415-0019-006 product page link
CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 12" RG-316DS415-0021-012CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 12" RG-316DS102 - Immediate
415-0021-012 product page link
CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 36" RG-316415-0019-036CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 36" RG-31682 - Immediate
415-0019-036 product page link
CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 24" RG-178415-0015-024CABLE MCX-RA/MCX-RA 24" RG-17858 - Immediate
415-0015-024 product page link
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Published: 2013-10-17