Industrial Grade "Subminiature" Clock Oscillators - ECS-2018/2033 (BN)

ECS subminiature clock oscillators are ideal for high density applications

Image of ECS Inc International's Industrial Grade 'Sub Miniature' Clock Oscillators - ECS-2018/2033 (BN)ECS' oscillator products include hybrid clock oscillators with a complete range of performance options. ECS hybrid clock oscillators incorporate precision quartz crystal resonators and state-of-the-art technology to combine low cost, high reliability, and superior miniaturization. Available packages include dual in-line and PC board mountable designs.

ECS offers a wide range of hybrid through-hole clock oscillators including TTL and HCMOS outputs. The full and half size package types are available with or without tri-state and options include tight tolerance, 3.3 V, and extended temperature ranges. The ECS-300 series has a built-in divider circuit to provide a dual output.

Features Applications
  • 3.5 MHz ~ 50.000 MHz frequency range
  • -40°C ~ +85°C operating temperature range
  • 2.0 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.9 mm Footprint
  • RoHS compliant; meets requirements for re-flow profiling using lead-free solder
  • Excellent shock and vibration characteristics
  • Medical electronics
  • Test and measurement
  • Mobile infrastructure
  • Telecommunication
Image of ECS Inc International's Industrial Grade 'Sub Miniature' Clock Oscillators - ECS-2018/2033 (BN) Image of ECS Inc International's Industrial Grade 'Sub Miniature' Clock Oscillators - ECS-2018/2033 (BN)Image of ECS Inc International's Industrial Grade 'Sub Miniature' Clock Oscillators - ECS-2018/2033 (BN)

ECS 2018/2033 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeFrequencyAvailable Quantity
ECS-2018-120-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 12.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-120-BNOSC XO 12.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)12MHz8883 - Immediate
ECS-2018-120-BN product page link
ECS-2018-270-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 27.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-270-BNOSC XO 27.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)27MHz5631 - Immediate
ECS-2018-270-BN product page link
ECS-2018-100-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 10.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-100-BNOSC XO 10.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)10MHz2954 - Immediate
ECS-2018-100-BN product page link
ECS-2018-160-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 16.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-160-BNOSC XO 16.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)16MHz2192 - Immediate
ECS-2018-160-BN product page link
ECS-2018-200-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 20.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-200-BNOSC XO 20.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)20MHz2343 - Immediate
ECS-2018-200-BN product page link
ECS-2018-400-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 40.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-400-BNOSC XO 40.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)40MHz2400 - Immediate
ECS-2018-400-BN product page link
ECS-2018-500-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 50.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-500-BNOSC XO 50.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)50MHz2302 - Immediate
ECS-2018-500-BN product page link
ECS-2018-073-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 7.3728MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-073-BNOSC XO 7.3728MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)7.3728MHz1256 - Immediate
ECS-2018-073-BN product page link
ECS-2018-080-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 8.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-080-BNOSC XO 8.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)8MHz2127 - Immediate
ECS-2018-080-BN product page link
ECS-2018-300-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 30.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-300-BNOSC XO 30.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)30MHz1608 - Immediate
ECS-2018-300-BN product page link
ECS-2018-480-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 48.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-480-BNOSC XO 48.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)48MHz1220 - Immediate
ECS-2018-480-BN product page link
ECS-2018-250-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 25.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-250-BNOSC XO 25.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)25MHz1731 - Immediate
ECS-2018-250-BN product page link
ECS-2018-130-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 13.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-130-BNOSC XO 13.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)13MHz945 - Immediate
ECS-2018-130-BN product page link
ECS-2018-143-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 14.31818MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-143-BNOSC XO 14.31818MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)14.31818MHz848 - Immediate
ECS-2018-143-BN product page link
ECS-2018-240-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 24.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-240-BNOSC XO 24.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)24MHz414 - Immediate
ECS-2018-240-BN product page link
ECS-2018-147.4-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 14.7456MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-147.4-BNOSC XO 14.7456MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)14.7456MHz112 - Immediate
ECS-2018-147.4-BN product page link
ECS-2018-035-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 3.579545MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-035-BNOSC XO 3.579545MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)3.579545MHz465 - Immediate
ECS-2018-035-BN product page link
ECS-2018-040-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 4.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-040-BNOSC XO 4.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)4MHz330 - Immediate
ECS-2018-040-BN product page link
ECS-2018-320-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 32.000MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-320-BNOSC XO 32.000MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)32MHz140 - Immediate
ECS-2018-320-BN product page link
ECS-2018-036-BN datasheet linkOSC XO 3.6864MHZ HCMOS SMDECS-2018-036-BNOSC XO 3.6864MHZ HCMOS SMDXO (Standard)3.6864MHz0ECS-2018-036-BN product page link
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Published: 2008-11-04