Capacitors for AC Multi-Speed Blowers

ebm-papst Inc.'s motor-run capacitors to operate permanent split capacitor (PSC) type AC motors

Image of emb-papst's Capacitors for AC Multi-Speed BlowersFan and motor company ebm-papst's permanent split capacitor (PSC) type AC motors require a properly sized motor-run capacitor to operate. It is also possible to make any ebm-papst blower with a PSC motor a multi-speed blower by adding a second or third capacitor. Actual capacitor value and rpm achieved are dependent on the nature of each application.

  • 450-20-xxxx cap specifications:  440 VAC rating; UL, CCSA, VDE approvals; oil filled; -25ºC to +85ºC temperature rating; aluminum housing; four-blade .25" quick-connect terminals; M8 x 12 mm mounting stud
  • xxxx(x)-4-7320 cap specifications:  400 VAC rated; lead wire connection; VDE approval only; -25ºC to +85ºC temperature rating; plastic or aluminum housing; 30,000 hours of life


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
450-20-0022 product page link
8.0MFD CAP RA2000/44-805S450-20-00268.0MFD CAP RA2000/44-805S79 - Immediate
450-20-0026 product page link
16MFD CAP RA2000/44-166S450-20-002916MFD CAP RA2000/44-166S27 - Immediate
450-20-0029 product page link
25MFD CAP RA2000/44-256S450-20-003125MFD CAP RA2000/44-256S15 - Immediate
260 - Factory Stock
450-20-0031 product page link
6.0MFD CAP RA2000/44-605S450-20-00246.0MFD CAP RA2000/44-605S9 - Immediate
450-20-0024 product page link
2.0MFD CAP RA2000/44-205S450-20-00192.0MFD CAP RA2000/44-205S10 - Immediate
390 - Factory Stock
450-20-0019 product page link
12MFD CAP RA2000/44-126S450-20-002812MFD CAP RA2000/44-126S10 - Immediate
60 - Factory Stock
450-20-0028 product page link
1.0MFD CAP RA2000/44-105S450-20-00171.0MFD CAP RA2000/44-105S18 - Immediate
80 - Factory Stock
450-20-0017 product page link
40MFD CAP RA2000/44-406450-20-003440MFD CAP RA2000/44-4061 - Immediate
110 - Factory Stock
450-20-0034 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
4 UF CAPACITOR (PLASTIC)99284-4-73204 UF CAPACITOR (PLASTIC)255 - Immediate
99284-4-7320 product page link
1.5 UF CAP PLASTIC 400V99282-4-73201.5 UF CAP PLASTIC 400V74 - Immediate
130 - Factory Stock
99282-4-7320 product page link
2.5 MF CAPACITOR(PLASTIC)2103-4-73202.5 MF CAPACITOR(PLASTIC)68 - Immediate
2103-4-7320 product page link
6 UF CAP PLASTIC 400V99285-4-73206 UF CAP PLASTIC 400V71 - Immediate
60 - Factory Stock
99285-4-7320 product page link
10UF CAP PLASTIC 400V99287-4-732010UF CAP PLASTIC 400V48 - Immediate
99287-4-7320 product page link
1 MF CAP PLASTIC 400V2100-4-73201 MF CAP PLASTIC 400V21 - Immediate
70 - Factory Stock
2100-4-7320 product page link
2 UF CAP PLASTIC 400V99283-4-73202 UF CAP PLASTIC 400V18 - Immediate
99283-4-7320 product page link
5 MF CAP PLASTIC 400V2101-4-73205 MF CAP PLASTIC 400V02101-4-7320 product page link
8 UF CAP PLASTIC 400V99286-4-73208 UF CAP PLASTIC 400V17 - Immediate
20 - Factory Stock
99286-4-7320 product page link

All Capacitors for ebm-papst AC Multi-Speed Blowers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
450-20-0022 product page link
710-00-0042 product page link
14UF CAP PLASTIC 400V30457-4-732014UF CAP PLASTIC 400V77 - Immediate
30457-4-7320 product page link
7 UF CAPACITOR PLASTIC 400V66788-4-73207 UF CAPACITOR PLASTIC 400V45 - Immediate
66788-4-7320 product page link
14MFD CAP RA2000/44-146S450-20-014814MFD CAP RA2000/44-146S29 - Immediate
450-20-0148 product page link
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Published: 2014-01-30