Universal LED Driver-Controllers

AL9910 series high-voltage, high-brightness LED driver-controllers from Diodes, Inc.

Image of Diodes Incorporated's Universal LED Driver-ControllersThe AL9910 is Diodes Incorporated's first offline LED driver-controller and operates directly off the rectified mains voltage. The AL9910 includes an internal voltage regulator that powers the internal circuitry and gate driver for the external high voltage MOSFET power switch. Two variants are available that match the voltage regulator's output to the gate drive voltage of the external MOSFET.

The AL9910's maximum input voltage is 500 V, which improves its ability to withstand higher voltage transients in lamps powered from 230 VAC mains voltages and other high voltage rails. The number of LEDs is determined by the input voltage while the LED current that can be driven is determined by the external MOSFET's current rating.

The AL9910 is available in a standard SO-8 package as well as the thermally enhanced SO-8EP package. The SO-8EP enables it to operate at higher temperatures and input voltages than competing devices. The AL9910 also incorporates overtemperature protection (OTP) further increasing system reliability.

Features Applications
  • >90% Efficiency
  • Universal rectified 85 to 265 VAC input range
  • Input voltage surge ratings up to 500 V
  • Drives LED lamps from a few mA to more than 1 A
  • PWM low-frequency dimming via enable pin
  • Internal thermal protection (OTP)
  • SO-8 and SO-8EP in "Green" molding compound (No Br, Sb)
  • DC/DC or AC/DC LED driver application
  • RGB backlighting LED driver
  • Back lighting of flat panel displays
  • General purpose constant current source
  • Signage and decorative LED lighting


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeTopologyAvailable Quantity
AL9910S-13 datasheet linkIC LED DRIVER OFFLINE DIM 8SOAL9910S-13IC LED DRIVER OFFLINE DIM 8SOAC DC Offline SwitcherStep-Down (Buck), Step-Up (Boost)4300 - Immediate
AL9910S-13 product page link
AL9910AS-13 datasheet linkIC LED DRIVER OFFLINE DIM 8SOAL9910AS-13IC LED DRIVER OFFLINE DIM 8SOAC DC Offline SwitcherStep-Down (Buck), Step-Up (Boost)18064 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
AL9910AS-13 product page link
Published: 2012-09-11