Super Barrier Rectifiers

Diodes, Inc. and Digi-Key introduce MOSFET structured SBR® technology

Image of Diodes Incorporated's Super Barrier RectifiersSBR technology from Diodes, Inc. utilizes a MOSFET like structure to achieve low forward voltage loss, reduced high temperature reverse leakage, and fast switching without the required control of the gate voltage. The SBR diode removes the complexity of the gate voltage circuit by making a short contact between the gate and source of the channel diode. To ensure that a weakly inverted channel still exists under the gate, the oxide thickness is reduced to an optimized level. By utilizing a CMOS ion implantation process, SBRs can be easily tuned to the appropriate VF/IR trade-off without having to select a different metal type like the Schottky diode. This allows for further flexibility and scalability of the die to meet new market demands.

Advantages Applications
  • Higher efficiency and higher temperature operation
    • SBR enables lower VF with more stable reverse leakage current allowing applications to run more efficiently at higher ambient temperatures, resulting in more power savings and higher reliability
  • Better performance in smaller packages
    • SBR patented high density cellular technology enables SBR to exceed the customer's ever increasing demand for high performance in smaller packages
  • Scalable technology
    • Lack of metal Schottky barrier and use of CMOS process allows for a scalable technology from 0.1 A to 60 A and 20 V to 300 V without degradation of performance
  • Computing and peripherals
    • 80+ PC power supplies
    • Printers
    • AC/DC power supplies
  • Communications
    • Gateway/routers
    • Modems
  • Consumer electronics
    • LCD TV power supplies
    • Cell phone/MP3 players
    • DVD players
  • Industrial
    • Welding
    • DC-DC conversion
    • Telecom power supplies


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusDiode ConfigurationAvailable Quantity
SBR20A200CTB-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 10A D2PAKSBR20A200CTB-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 10A D2PAKActive1 Pair Common Cathode16503 - Immediate
SBR20A200CTB-13 product page link
SBR05U20SN-7 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 20V 250MA SC59-3SBR05U20SN-7DIODE ARRAY SBR 20V 250MA SC59-3Active1 Pair Common Cathode3336 - Immediate
15000 - Factory Stock
SBR05U20SN-7 product page link
SBR10150CTL-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 150V 5A TO252-3SBR10150CTL-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 150V 5A TO252-3Active1 Pair Common Cathode3175 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
SBR10150CTL-13 product page link
SBR6100CTL-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 3A TO252SBR6100CTL-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 3A TO252Active1 Pair Common Cathode17014 - Immediate
SBR6100CTL-13 product page link
SBR660CTL-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 3A TO252SBR660CTL-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 3A TO252Active1 Pair Common Cathode3286 - Immediate
37500 - Factory Stock
SBR660CTL-13 product page link
SBR10200CTB-13-G datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 5A D2PAKSBR10200CTB-13-GDIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 5A D2PAKActive1 Pair Common Cathode2201 - Immediate
3200 - Factory Stock
SBR10200CTB-13-G product page link
SBR0330CW-7 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 30V 150MA SOT323SBR0330CW-7DIODE ARRAY SBR 30V 150MA SOT323Active1 Pair Common Cathode2456 - Immediate
SBR0330CW-7 product page link
SBR10200CTL-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 5A TO252-3SBR10200CTL-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 5A TO252-3Active1 Pair Common Cathode3306 - Immediate
22500 - Factory Stock
SBR10200CTL-13 product page link
SBR15U100CTL-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 7.5A TO252SBR15U100CTL-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 7.5A TO252Active1 Pair Common Cathode1156 - Immediate
190000 - Factory Stock
SBR15U100CTL-13 product page link
SBR6100CTLQ-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 6A TO252SBR6100CTLQ-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 6A TO252Active1 Pair Common Cathode2350 - Immediate
SBR6100CTLQ-13 product page link
SBR1045CTLQ-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 45V 10A TO252SBR1045CTLQ-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 45V 10A TO252Active1 Pair Common Cathode2161 - Immediate
SBR1045CTLQ-13 product page link
SBR6200CTL-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 3A TO252-3SBR6200CTL-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 3A TO252-3Active1 Pair Common Cathode1118 - Immediate
SBR6200CTL-13 product page link
SBR3060CTB-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 15A TO263SBR3060CTB-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 15A TO263Active1 Pair Common Cathode1575 - Immediate
SBR3060CTB-13 product page link
SBR660CTLQ-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 3A TO252SBR660CTLQ-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 3A TO252Active1 Pair Common Cathode2460 - Immediate
15000 - Factory Stock
SBR660CTLQ-13 product page link
SBR15U100CTLQ-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 15A TO252SBR15U100CTLQ-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 15A TO252Active1 Pair Common Cathode708 - Immediate
17500 - Factory Stock
SBR15U100CTLQ-13 product page link
SBR30A45CTBQ-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 45V 30MA TO263SBR30A45CTBQ-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 45V 30MA TO263Active1 Pair Common Cathode225 - Immediate
SBR30A45CTBQ-13 product page link
SBR30A60CTB-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 15A D2PAKSBR30A60CTB-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 15A D2PAKActive1 Pair Common Cathode317 - Immediate
2400 - Factory Stock
SBR30A60CTB-13 product page link
SBR30A100CTB-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 15A TO263SBR30A100CTB-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 15A TO263Active1 Pair Common Cathode689 - Immediate
SBR30A100CTB-13 product page link
SBR10100CTL-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 5A TO252-3SBR10100CTL-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 5A TO252-3Active1 Pair Common Cathode0SBR10100CTL-13 product page link
SBR10120CTL-13 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 120V 5A TO252-3SBR10120CTL-13DIODE ARRAY SBR 120V 5A TO252-3Active1 Pair Common Cathode0SBR10120CTL-13 product page link
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Published: 2012-07-18