Advanced Ultra-Low Power Logic

Diodes' family of 74AUP1G single-gate logic devices

Image of Diodes Incorporated's Advanced Ultra-Low Power LogicDiodes Incorporated is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic and analog semiconductor markets. The company has introduced a family of single gate logic devices designed to save power and space in a broad range of portable consumer electronic products, including cell phones, e-readers and tablet computers. Manufactured on a 3 V, advanced ultra-low-power CMOS process, the 74AUP1G logic is pin compatible with industry-standard parts. It also offers a package height advantage through its miniature DFN package options. Fourteen of the most common logic functions come standard in three different packages: the tiny footprint DFN1010 and DFN1410, both with an offboard height of just 0.4 mm, and a 5-pin SOT353 alternative. Operating over a power supply range from as low as 0.8 V up to 3.6 V, the 74AUP1G logic assures low static and dynamic power consumption. This which enables better conservation of battery power. The complete family of 74AUP1G single-gate logic devices from Diodes Incorporated is comprised of AND, AND with open-drain output, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, inverters and buffers (simple, with open-drain output and Schmitt trigger types) and tri-state buffers (output-enable low or high).

Features Advantages
  • Low power
  • Schmitt trigger on all inputs
  • Loff circuitry
  • Low voltage and low power
  • Noise rejection circuitry
  • Small packages


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLogic TypeNumber of CircuitsAvailable Quantity
74AUP1G02FW5-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NOR 2INPUT X1DFN-674AUP1G02FW5-7IC GATE NOR 2INPUT X1DFN-6NOR Gate15000 - Immediate
85000 - Factory Stock
74AUP1G02FW5-7 product page link
74AUP1G02FX4-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NOR 1CH 2-INP 6-DFN74AUP1G02FX4-7IC GATE NOR 1CH 2-INP 6-DFNNOR Gate15000 - Immediate
74AUP1G02FX4-7 product page link
74AUP1G00FW4-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NAND 1CH 2-INP 6-X2DFN74AUP1G00FW4-7IC GATE NAND 1CH 2-INP 6-X2DFNNAND Gate19975 - Immediate
74AUP1G00FW4-7 product page link
74AUP1G00FZ4-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NAND 1CH 2-INP 6-DFN74AUP1G00FZ4-7IC GATE NAND 1CH 2-INP 6-DFNNAND Gate19000 - Immediate
74AUP1G00FZ4-7 product page link
74AUP1G02FW4-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NOR 1CH 2-INP 6-DFN74AUP1G02FW4-7IC GATE NOR 1CH 2-INP 6-DFNNOR Gate19564 - Immediate
74AUP1G02FW4-7 product page link
74AUP1G00SE-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NAND 1CH 2-INP SOT-35374AUP1G00SE-7IC GATE NAND 1CH 2-INP SOT-353NAND Gate15179 - Immediate
174000 - Factory Stock
74AUP1G00SE-7 product page link
74AUP1G00FS3-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NAND 1CH 2-INP 4-DFN74AUP1G00FS3-7IC GATE NAND 1CH 2-INP 4-DFNNAND Gate14989 - Immediate
90000 - Factory Stock
74AUP1G00FS3-7 product page link
74AUP1G02FS3-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NOR 1CH 2-INP 4-DFN74AUP1G02FS3-7IC GATE NOR 1CH 2-INP 4-DFNNOR Gate14745 - Immediate
74AUP1G02FS3-7 product page link
74AUP1G00FW5-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NAND 2INPUT X1DFN-674AUP1G00FW5-7IC GATE NAND 2INPUT X1DFN-6NAND Gate14900 - Immediate
85000 - Factory Stock
74AUP1G00FW5-7 product page link
74AUP1G02FZ4-7 datasheet linkIC GATE NOR 1CH 2-INP 6-DFN74AUP1G02FZ4-7IC GATE NOR 1CH 2-INP 6-DFNNOR Gate14780 - Immediate
80000 - Factory Stock
74AUP1G02FZ4-7 product page link
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Published: 2013-01-24