D Series Reed Relays

High-voltage reed relays from Cynergy3

Image of Cynergy3's D Series Reed RelaysCynergy3's D series high isolation and switching voltage relays are designed for both 10 kV and 15 kV applications, implementing high-vacuum reed switches with either Rhodium or Tungsten to achieve high reliability and durability. This construction makes these relays suitable for high-dependability applications such as cardiac defibrillators, test equipment, and high-voltage power supplies. The Rhodium contacts have low contact resistance, while the Tungsten contacts can switch higher voltages.

  • 15 kV isolation
  • Low contact resistance
  • High power switching
  • PCB or panel mount
  • Flying lead, solder and faston-style spade terminal options

D Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionRelay TypeCoil TypeAvailable Quantity
DAT72410 datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 24VDAT72410RELAY REED SPST 2A 24VReedNon Latching1510 - Immediate
DAT72410 product page link
DAT71210 datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 12VDAT71210RELAY REED SPST 2A 12VReedNon Latching627 - Immediate
DAT71210 product page link
DAT70510 datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 5VDAT70510RELAY REED SPST 2A 5VReedNon Latching375 - Immediate
DAT70510 product page link
DAT71210F datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 12VDAT71210FRELAY REED SPST 2A 12VReedNon Latching906 - Immediate
DAT71210F product page link
DAT72410F datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 24VDAT72410FRELAY REED SPST 2A 24VReedNon Latching165 - Immediate
DAT72410F product page link
DAT71215 datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 12VDAT71215RELAY REED SPST 2A 12VReedNon Latching734 - Immediate
DAT71215 product page link
DAT72415F datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 24VDAT72415FRELAY REED SPST 2A 24VReedNon Latching244 - Immediate
DAT72415F product page link
DAT70510F datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 5VDAT70510FRELAY REED SPST 2A 5VReedNon Latching20 - Immediate
DAT70510F product page link
DAT70515 datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 5VDAT70515RELAY REED SPST 2A 5VReedNon Latching42 - Immediate
DAT70515 product page link
DAT71215F datasheet linkRELAY REED SPST 2A 12VDAT71215FRELAY REED SPST 2A 12VReedNon Latching31 - Immediate
DAT71215F product page link
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Published: 2012-11-16