291 Series Optical Encoder

CTS offers the 291 series, a precision, long-life compact, 12-mm-size optical encoder

Image of CTS Electronic Components' 291 Series Optical EncoderThe 291 Series from CTS allows versatility in design applications by providing highly reliable, precise digital output and long rotational life with a non-contacting design. This product provides flexibility for resolution, power consumption, operating temperatures, and use in multiple environments. The optional momentary switch provides additional functions such as menu selection for digital displays.

The 291 Series is ideal for many applications which include, but are not limited to, the following: medical equipment, laboratory equipment, communication, industrial, HVAC, transportation, security, and professional and consumer audio and home entertainment equipment.

Features Benefits
  • 12 mm, low-profile package (12 x 14 x 7 mm) is one of the smallest optical encoders available in the market today
  • 3 million cycle life with no detent or 1 million cycles with detents
  • Optional Long Life momentary switch (1 million life cycles)
  • Durable metal shaft and bushing
  • 6 and 8 PPR resolution in a 2-bit Quadrature output
  • 5 VDC or 3.3 VDC option
  • Dust-resistant IP50 construction
  • Humidity resistant (96 hours at 90% - 95% RH)
  • PC terminal or cable and connector options
  • RoHS compliant
  • Precise digital signal output in a compact size
  • Long life, accuracy, and reliability
  • Momentary switch can be used for reliable menu selection in digital displays
  • Reliability
  • Variety of output options offer greater design flexibility
  • Provides the user with low power consumption options
  • Design flexibility for challenging environments
  • Flexible design options
  • Design for environmental awareness
291 Series
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionEncoder TypeOutput TypePulses per RevolutionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
ENCODER OPT ROTARY 6PPR W/SW291V1022F624ABENCODER OPT ROTARY 6PPR W/SWOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)6144 - Immediate
ENCODER OPT RIBBON CBL 6PPR W/SW291C6022F624ABENCODER OPT RIBBON CBL 6PPR W/SWOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)659 - Immediate
ENCODER OPT ROTARY 8PPR W/SW291V1022F832ABENCODER OPT ROTARY 8PPR W/SWOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)80
ENCODER OPT RIBBON CBL 8PPR W/SW291C6022F832ABENCODER OPT RIBBON CBL 8PPR W/SWOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)819 - Immediate
Published: 2013-11-25