Unsealed Snap Switches

Crouzet Switches offers a wide variety of compact switching ratings (0.1 to 20 A)

Image of Crouzet's Unsealed Snap SwitchesCrouzet Switches offers a wide variety of switching ratings (0.1 to 20 A), a choice of many different actuators as standard, cUL approval, and more. Main characteristics of these products are: long mechanical life, compact size (some are very compact), short differential travel, specific contacts and fixings, and double-break switching. Various electrical ratings are available, as well as mushroom-head button versions, dual-current versions, high or low current ratings, positive break contacts, numerous mounting plates, and many different actuators.

Crouzet Unsealed Snap Switches
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCircuitSwitch FunctionCurrent RatingAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SNSW 10A 1/4 NONE831060C3.0SNSW 10A 1/4 NONESPDT-DBOn-Mom10A (AC)49 - Immediate
SNSW 5A SLDR NONE831320C1.0SNSW 5A SLDR NONESPDT-DBOn-Mom5A (AC)47 - Immediate
SNSW 6A 3-16 PLAN 70507524831614C6.BBSNSW 6A 3-16 PLAN 70507524SPDTOn-Mom10A (AC)39 - Immediate
SNSW 6A 3-16 PLAN 70507526831614C6.CBSNSW 6A 3-16 PLAN 70507526SPDTOn-Mom10A (AC)32 - Immediate
SNSW 6.1A 1/4 NONE UL1950831616C3.0SNSW 6.1A 1/4 NONE UL1950SPDTOn-Mom6A (AC)56 - Immediate
SWITCH SNAP IP40 1/4" QC 250V83240000SWITCH SNAP IP40 1/4" QC 250VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom6A (AC), 600mA (DC)10 - Immediate
SWITCH SNAP IP40 SCREW 250V83240020SWITCH SNAP IP40 SCREW 250VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom6A (AC), 600mA (DC)10 - Immediate
SWITCH SNAP IP40 0.1A SCREW 30V83241020SWITCH SNAP IP40 0.1A SCREW 30VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom100mA (AC/DC)10 - Immediate
SWITCH IP40 0.1A 1/4" QC 30V83241000SWITCH IP40 0.1A 1/4" QC 30VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom100mA (AC/DC)10 - Immediate
SNSW 10A 1-4 PLADJ 70500828831060C3.BLSNSW 10A 1-4 PLADJ 70500828SPDT-DBOn-Mom10A (AC)0
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Published: 2014-03-14