Crouzet Sealed Snap Switches

Crouzet offers reliable microswitches for harsh environment applications

Image of Crouzet Sealed Snap SwitchesCrouzet Switches offers many varieties of IP-rated switches for high dust and water-exposed applications. Intended for harsh environment applications, Crouzet offers an entire family of reliable microswitches, (sealing levels from IP40 to IP66/IP67/IP69K, double-break, low and high temperature, magnetic blow-out, and more) and are able to meet your harshest application needs such as door locking systems, automatic step and barriers, switch machines, braking systems, emergency stop, master controllers, and auxiliary contacts for circuit breakers.

Sealed Snap Switches
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCircuitSwitch FunctionCurrent RatingAvailable QuantityBuy Now
831810C2.BLSLDSW 6A SLDR79253326SPDTOn-Mom6A (AC/DC)194 - Immediate
83876102SWITCH ROLL PLNG W/2M CABLE 120VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom6A (AC), 550mA (DC)10 - Immediate
831860C2.FLSLDSW 6A SLDR 79253329SPDTOn-Mom6A (AC/DC)54 - Immediate
831810C2.ELSLDSW 6A SLDR 79218454SPDTOn-Mom6A (AC/DC)90 - Immediate
83240200SWITCH SNAP IP67 1/4" QC 250VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom6A (AC), 600mA (DC)8 - Immediate
83240220SWITCH SNAP IP67 SCREW 250VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom6A (AC), 600mA (DC)10 - Immediate
83240213SW SNAP IP67 1/4" QC90 ROLL 250VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom6A (AC), 600mA (DC)7 - Immediate
83241200SWITCH IP67 0.1A 1/4" QC 30VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom100mA (AC/DC)10 - Immediate
83241220SWITCH SNAP IP67 0.1A SCREW 30VDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom100mA (AC/DC)13 - Immediate
83880112WB PLNGR BTMXIT 2.0M CABLEDPST (1-NO, 1-NC) (DB)On-Mom, Off-Mom6A (AC), 8A (DC)8 - Immediate
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Published: 2014-03-12