LMH2 LED Modules

Cree's LMH2 LED modules feature unrivaled efficacy, light quality, and affordability

Image of Cree Inc's LMH2 LED ModulesCree LED modules provide lighting designers and manufacturers with simple, easy-to-adopt LED lighting solutions that reduce luminaire development time and speed time-to-market. Cree LMH2 LED modules are the ideal choice for enabling rapid luminaire development where bright, beautiful, long-life lighting is required. The ease-of-use of the LMH series of modules enables this versatile LED lighting module to jump-start the design process for recessed downlights, wall sconces or pendant lights in demanding end markets such as retail, museums, hospitality, restaurants, and studio lighting.

  • Industry-leading light-source efficacy of 97 lm/W (steady state)
  • Available in 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K and 4000 K CCT
  • > 90 CRI for all CCTs
  • Minimum 95 CRI available for 3500 K at 3000 lm
  • Broad selection of mounting and wiring options
  • Industry-leading 5-year limited system warranty
  • Designed to last 50,000 hours at L70
  • No UV in light output
  • No mercury in light source


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LMH020-6000-30G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 6000LM WHITE 3000K FLATLMH020-6000-30G9-00000TWLED MOD 6000LM WHITE 3000K FLAT11 - Immediate
LMH020-6000-30G9-00000TW product page link
LMH020-6000-40G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 6000LM WHITE 4000K FLATLMH020-6000-40G9-00000TWLED MOD 6000LM WHITE 4000K FLAT8 - Immediate
LMH020-6000-40G9-00000TW product page link
LMH020-6000-35G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 6000LM WHITE 3500K FLATLMH020-6000-35G9-00000TWLED MOD 6000LM WHITE 3500K FLAT4 - Immediate
LMH020-6000-35G9-00000TW product page link
LMH02B-1250-30G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 1250LM 3000K FLAT LENSLMH02B-1250-30G9-00000TWLED MOD 1250LM 3000K FLAT LENS15 - Immediate
LMH02B-1250-30G9-00000TW product page link
LMH02B-1250-40G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 1250LM 4000K FLAT LENSLMH02B-1250-40G9-00000TWLED MOD 1250LM 4000K FLAT LENS6 - Immediate
LMH02B-1250-40G9-00000TW product page link
LMH02B-1250-27G9-00001TW datasheet linkLED MOD 1250LM 2700K DOME LENSLMH02B-1250-27G9-00001TWLED MOD 1250LM 2700K DOME LENS10 - Immediate
LMH02B-1250-27G9-00001TW product page link
LMH02B-1250-35G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 1250LM 3500K FLAT LENSLMH02B-1250-35G9-00000TWLED MOD 1250LM 3500K FLAT LENS9 - Immediate
LMH02B-1250-35G9-00000TW product page link
LMH02B-1250-30G9-00001TW datasheet linkLED MOD 1250LM 3000K DOME LENSLMH02B-1250-30G9-00001TWLED MOD 1250LM 3000K DOME LENS9 - Immediate
LMH02B-1250-30G9-00001TW product page link
LMH02B-1250-40G9-00001TW datasheet linkLED MOD 1250LM 4000K DOME LENSLMH02B-1250-40G9-00001TWLED MOD 1250LM 4000K DOME LENS9 - Immediate
LMH02B-1250-40G9-00001TW product page link
LMH02B-2000-35G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 2000LM 3500K FLAT LENSLMH02B-2000-35G9-00000TWLED MOD 2000LM 3500K FLAT LENS10 - Immediate
LMH02B-2000-35G9-00000TW product page link
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LMH2 TrueWhite

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LMH020-HS00-0000-0000001 datasheet linkHEATSINK FOR LMH2 LED MODULELMH020-HS00-0000-0000001HEATSINK FOR LMH2 LED MODULE233 - Immediate
LMH020-HS00-0000-0000001 product page link
LMH020-HS00-0000-0000002 datasheet linkHEATSINK FOR LMH2 LED MODULELMH020-HS00-0000-0000002HEATSINK FOR LMH2 LED MODULE169 - Immediate
LMH020-HS00-0000-0000002 product page link
LMH020-3000-35G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 3000LM WHITE 3500K FLATLMH020-3000-35G9-00000TWLED MOD 3000LM WHITE 3500K FLAT139 - Immediate
LMH020-3000-35G9-00000TW product page link
LMH020-REFL-0000-0000082 datasheet linkLED REFLECTOR 8" SEMI SPECULARLMH020-REFL-0000-0000082LED REFLECTOR 8" SEMI SPECULAR254 - Immediate
LMH020-REFL-0000-0000082 product page link
LMH020-REFL-0000-0000062 datasheet linkLED REFLECTOR 6" SEMI SPECULARLMH020-REFL-0000-0000062LED REFLECTOR 6" SEMI SPECULAR157 - Immediate
LMH020-REFL-0000-0000062 product page link
LMH020-1250-27G9-00001TW datasheet linkLED MOD 1250LM WHITE 2700K DOMELMH020-1250-27G9-00001TWLED MOD 1250LM WHITE 2700K DOME47 - Immediate
LMH020-1250-27G9-00001TW product page link
LMH020-HS00-0000-0000081 datasheet linkHEATSINK FOR LMH2 LED MODULELMH020-HS00-0000-0000081HEATSINK FOR LMH2 LED MODULE49 - Immediate
LMH020-HS00-0000-0000081 product page link
LMH020-3000-30G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 3000LM WHITE 3000K FLATLMH020-3000-30G9-00000TWLED MOD 3000LM WHITE 3000K FLAT9 - Immediate
LMH020-3000-30G9-00000TW product page link
LMH020-4000-40G9-00001TW datasheet linkLED MOD 4000LM TRUEWHITELMH020-4000-40G9-00001TWLED MOD 4000LM TRUEWHITE21 - Immediate
LMH020-4000-40G9-00001TW product page link
LMH020-4000-35G9-00000TW datasheet linkLED MOD 4000LM TRUEWHITELMH020-4000-35G9-00000TWLED MOD 4000LM TRUEWHITE14 - Immediate
LMH020-4000-35G9-00000TW product page link
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Published: 2013-08-26