USB 2.0 - IP67 Connector System

Conec's USB 2.0 - IP67 water resistant connector system for harsh environments

Image of Conec's USB 2.0 - IP67 Connector SystemThe Conec USB connector system series for harsh environments can be used for front or rear mounting on to a panel with a thickness up to 3.2 mm. The integrated USB connector meets USB 2.0 specifications. The connector system provides IP67 sealing performance when the connector halves are fully mated or the protection cap is secured.

Typical Applications
  • Industrial production, CNC machines
  • Communications equipment
  • Food and beverage and chemical controllers process
  • Outdoor wireless
  • Bluetooth adapters
  • Industrial process control
  • Diagnostic and test instruments
  • Outdoor displays
  • Factory automation
  • Outdoor telecommunications systems
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Mass transportation
  • Outdoor monitoring devices
  • Outdoor metering
  • Observation platforms


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
17-10002 datasheet linkCONN CAP FOR RJ45 CONNECTORS17-10002CONN CAP FOR RJ45 CONNECTORS402 - Immediate
17-10002 product page link
17-101710 datasheet linkCONN COVER BAYONET IP67 PLASTIC17-101710CONN COVER BAYONET IP67 PLASTIC970 - Immediate
17-101710 product page link
17-200231 datasheet linkCONN USB PATCH CORD A-A PLUG 2M17-200231CONN USB PATCH CORD A-A PLUG 2M38 - Immediate
17-200231 product page link
17-100950 datasheet linkCONN COVER USB IP67 METAL17-100950CONN COVER USB IP67 METAL96 - Immediate
17-100950 product page link
17-101800 datasheet linkCONN COVER USB ZINC IP6717-101800CONN COVER USB ZINC IP6742 - Immediate
17-101800 product page link
17-200181 datasheet linkCONN USB PATCH CORD A-B PLUG 2M17-200181CONN USB PATCH CORD A-B PLUG 2M017-200181 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
17-200001 datasheet linkCONN USB ADPT BAY FEML-FEML IP6717-200001CONN USB ADPT BAY FEML-FEML IP67695 - Immediate
17-200001 product page link
17-200161 datasheet linkCONN USB ADPT F-F W/COVER IP6717-200161CONN USB ADPT F-F W/COVER IP67926 - Immediate
17-200161 product page link
17-200321 datasheet linkCONN USB ADAPTER FEML-FEML IP6717-200321CONN USB ADAPTER FEML-FEML IP67262 - Immediate
17-200321 product page link
17-200601 datasheet linkCONN USB ADPT F-F METAL IP6717-200601CONN USB ADPT F-F METAL IP67258 - Immediate
17-200601 product page link
17-200611 datasheet linkCONN USB ADPT F-F W/COVER IP6717-200611CONN USB ADPT F-F W/COVER IP6788 - Immediate
17-200611 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
17-200331 datasheet linkCONN PLUG ASSY USB METAL IP6717-200331CONN PLUG ASSY USB METAL IP67333 - Immediate
17-200331 product page link
17-200121 datasheet linkCONN PLUG ASSY USB 2.0 IP6717-200121CONN PLUG ASSY USB 2.0 IP6788 - Immediate
17-200121 product page link
17-200151 datasheet linkCONN PLUG STR RELIEF USB IP6717-200151CONN PLUG STR RELIEF USB IP6725 - Immediate
17-200151 product page link
17-200591 datasheet linkCONN PLUG ASSY USB 2.0 MTL IP6717-200591CONN PLUG ASSY USB 2.0 MTL IP6712 - Immediate
17-200591 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29