Fiber-Optic LC Connectors

Conec expands its IP67-rated series with robust, fiber-optic LC connectors

Image of Conec's Fiber-Optic LC ConnectorsConec, a manufacturer of high-quality connectors, has advanced its water-resistant series of connectors to include fiber-optic duplex LC connectors. The IP67-rated connectors allow designers to incorporate these data ports in harsh environments. Ideal for communications, such as FTTA (Fiber To The Antenna), security, and surveillance equipment applications, the connectors provide increased protection from contamination and moisture in addition to mechanical stability, temperature resistance, and vibration immunity.

The IP67-rated LC product family features a 1/6th turn bayonet coupling for fast and secure mate/unmate, even with gloved hands. To optimize chemical resistance, UV resistance, and tolerance to physical abuse, Conec offers these connectors in two different housing materials: black plastic and nickel-plated, zinc die-cast. All connectors are duplex LC type, in single-mode, multi-mode (OM1 and OM3), and APC types.

Fiber-Optic LC Plug Connectors
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector StyleConnector TypeSimplex/DuplexAvailable QuantityBuy Now
17-300040CONN FIBER LC PLUG DUPLXLCPlugDuplex19 - Immediate
17-300420CONN FIBER LC PLUG DUPLXLCPlugDuplex44 - Immediate
17-300410CONN FIBER LC PLUG DUPLXLCPlugDuplex10 - Immediate
17-300210CONN FIBER LC PLUG DUPLXLCPlugDuplex41 - Immediate
17-300200CONN FIBER LC PLUG DUPLXLCPlugDuplex31 - Immediate
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Fiber-Optic LC Couplers
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeConvert From (Adapter End)Convert To (Adapter End)Available QuantityBuy Now
17-300390CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXCouplerLC ReceptacleLC Receptacle58 - Immediate
17-300710CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXCouplerLC ReceptacleLC Receptacle61 - Immediate
17-300380CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXCouplerLC ReceptacleLC Receptacle77 - Immediate
17-300700CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXCouplerLC ReceptacleLC Receptacle50 - Immediate
17-300680CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXCouplerLC ReceptacleLC Receptacle50 - Immediate
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Fiber-Optic LC Cable Plug Assemblies
Manufacturer Part NumberDescription1st Connector2nd ConnectorCable TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
17-300190-01FIBER OPTIC CBL ASSY IP67 1MLC DuplexLC DuplexBuffered Fiber8 - Immediate
17-300190-02FIBER OPTIC CBL ASSY IP67 2MLC DuplexLC DuplexBuffered Fiber10 - Immediate
17-300190-05FIBER OPTIC CBL ASSY IP67 5MLC DuplexLC DuplexBuffered Fiber10 - Immediate
17-300190-03FIBER OPTIC CBL ASSY IP67 3MLC DuplexLC DuplexBuffered Fiber10 - Immediate
17-300190-15FIBER OPTIC CBL ASSY IP67 15MLC DuplexLC DuplexBuffered Fiber8 - Immediate
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Published: 2012-11-27