CURN Series Glass Passivated, Ultra-Fast, Recovery Rectifiers

The CURN series from Comchip features low power loss and high efficiency, capable of handling high currents

Image of Comchip Technology's CURN Series Glass Passivated, Ultra-Fast, Recovery RectifiersComchip’s new CURN series ultra-fast recovery rectifiers have a forward current of 1.0 A and a reverse voltage of 200 V - 1000 V. The surface-mounted package is leadless, eliminating lead damage during the mounting process. The CURN series features low power loss, high efficiency, and is capable of handling high currents. The parts are RoHS compliant, as well as Halogen and Lead-free.

Within the 1206 package (3.40+0.2-0.2 mm x 1.90+0.2-0.2 mm x 0.96+0.2-0.1 mm) is a GPRC, or a Glass Passivated Rectifier Chip, which is capable of handling extreme temperature variations. This glass passivated chip features a cavity-free junction.


  • Glass Passivated Rectifier Chip
  • Design for surface mounting
  • Flat-chip design
  • Extremely thin/leadless package
  • Low power loss/high efficiency
  • High current capability

CURN Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionDiode TypeVoltage - DC Reverse (Vr) (Max)Available Quantity
DIODE GEN PURP 200V 1A 1206CURN101-HFDIODE GEN PURP 200V 1A 1206Standard200V4454 - Immediate
9000 - Factory Stock
CURN101-HF product page link
DIODE GEN PURP 800V 1A 1206CURN104-HFDIODE GEN PURP 800V 1A 1206Standard800V2773 - Immediate
CURN104-HF product page link
DIODE GEN PURP 600V 1A 1206CURN103-HFDIODE GEN PURP 600V 1A 1206Standard600V1774 - Immediate
CURN103-HF product page link
DIODE GEN PURP 1KV 1A 1206CURN105-HFDIODE GEN PURP 1KV 1A 1206Standard1000V (1kV)1293 - Immediate
CURN105-HF product page link
DIODE GEN PURP 400V 1A 1206CURN102-HFDIODE GEN PURP 400V 1A 1206Standard400V318 - Immediate
6000 - Factory Stock
CURN102-HF product page link
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Published: 2013-10-11