Hi-Flex Silicone Cables

Cicoil's highly flexible silicone cables come with 1 to 12 wires from 4 to 30 AWG

Hi-Flex Silicone CablesCicoil's Hi-Flex unshielded cables provide the advantages of all Cicoil flexible silicone cables in a standard, low-cost package. These cables use Cicoil's ultra-flexible, tinned-copper wire conductors for maximum flexibility and long life in dynamic flexing applications. Each cable is produced using Cicoil's exclusive extrusion process, encasing the wire conductors in clear, flexible, yet durable silicone insulation. Ideal in diverse applications including aerospace, festoon systems, food and beverage, forestry, industrial automation, medical, packaging, printing, pulp and paper, and semiconductor.

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Cicoil Silicone Cables Feature:
  • Flexibility - Ultra-flex, tinned copper wire conductors and flexible silicone make Cicoil's ribbon cables highly flexible, with a bend radius as small as ¼" in flexing applications
  • Long life - Rated for over 10 million cycles in flexing applications
  • Extreme environments - Silicone rubber cables operate from -65°C to 260°C, including exposure to water, steam, salt, and most chemicals. The cables are ideal for clean room use, and can also be used in vacuum environments.
  • Fire resistant - Cables meet the UL-94 vertical flame standard, as well as other fire standards

Hi-Flex Silicone Cable

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCable TypeWire GaugeAvailable Quantity
969M101-24-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 24AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-24-1HOOK-UP 24AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up24 AWG3 - Immediate
969M101-24-1 product page link
969M101-30-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 30AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-30-1HOOK-UP 30AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up30 AWG2 - Immediate
969M101-30-1 product page link
969M101-28-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 28AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-28-1HOOK-UP 28AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up28 AWG2 - Immediate
969M101-28-1 product page link
969M101-26-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 26AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-26-1HOOK-UP 26AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up26 AWG3 - Immediate
969M101-26-1 product page link
969M101-20-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 20AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-20-1HOOK-UP 20AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up20 AWG4 - Immediate
969M101-20-1 product page link
969M101-18-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 18AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-18-1HOOK-UP 18AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up18 AWG2 - Immediate
969M101-18-1 product page link
969M101-14-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 14AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-14-1HOOK-UP 14AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up14 AWG3 - Immediate
969M101-14-1 product page link
969M101-16-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 16AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-16-1HOOK-UP 16AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up16 AWG1 - Immediate
969M101-16-1 product page link
969M101-12-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 12AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-12-1HOOK-UP 12AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up12 AWG1 - Immediate
969M101-12-1 product page link
969M101-22-1 datasheet linkHOOK-UP 22AWG CLEAR 1000'969M101-22-1HOOK-UP 22AWG CLEAR 1000'Hook-Up22 AWG1 - Immediate
969M101-22-1 product page link
Published: 2012-10-02