Buccaneer dust and waterproof connectors for data and power

Bulgin 6000 & 7000 Series

7000 Series Buccaneer Connectors

Two latest additions to the Buccaneer range of environmentally sealed connectors

Bulgin an Elektron Technology connectivity brand continue to expand their already extensive range of ‘Buccaneer’ environmentally sealed circular connectors. The Buccaneer 6000 and 7000 Series draws upon Bulgin’s 30 year association and experience of IP rated products to provide engineers and product design professionals with even greater flexibility in system designs.

Both the 6000 & 7000 Series have been developed to provide rapid and secure connectivity in harsh environments and have excellent sealing characteristics to IP66, IP68 & IP69K standards. This allows the connectors to be used in applications requiring the ability to withstand light showers, through to high pressure jets and complete submersion in water and where exclusion of dust is of paramount importance and critical to system integrity. This will re-assure design engineers that the connectors can be safely specified and used in a range of differing environments even if these change from the original specification.

Designed with user operation in mind the connectors are easy to assemble, requiring the minimum of specialist tooling.

Both ranges offer quick and convenient coupling mechanisms:

  • The 6000 Series features a unique and easy to use, patent-pending, push-pull latching mechanism, combined with a unique 30° twist lock which provides a strong, stress free interface and also ensures that the connectors cannot be accidentally un-mated. This mechanism also has the benefit of allowing the connectors to be mounted in close proximity and therefore ideal for situations where ‘real estate’ on the panel or equipment is at a premium.
  • The 7000 Series has a unique twist locking system with positive feedback, providing quick and convenient, ‘fit and forget’ connectivity in less than a quarter of a turn. Both coupling mechanisms ensure that the correct interface seal is made easily and correctly and are ideal for applications where ‘blind’ mating and un-mating of the connectors is un-avoidable.

Both of these Series of connectors will provide compact, cost effective and an easy to use solution that offers complete environmental protection across a broad range of applications

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6000 Series Robust, rapid connections for harsh environments Buy Now
7000 Series Robust, rapid connections for harsh environments Buy Now

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7000 Series Metal
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