X-2 Dual BNC Jacks

Provides significant space saving efficiencies in combination with the superior stability

Image of Bomar's X-2 Dual BNC JacksBomar Interconnect Products' X-2 dual BNC metal body jacks for RF, video, and broadcast transmission are engineered to provide significant space-saving efficiencies. The superior stability of these panel-grounded X-2 BNC connectors makes them ideally suited for employment on high-density PCBs in a broad range of high-performance RF applications. Notably, the metal body X-2 offers the utmost in strength and shielding, and it is capable of providing 100% full shielding when employed with its optional metal back cover. The device is additionally configured with the same "quick connect" characteristics and PCB board mount locking posts as the Bomar's standard BNC devices to ensure one of the industry's fastest, easiest, and most reliable connections. Boasting a low VSWR to 500 MHz, Bomar's new connector meets or exceeds all the broadcast connector sector's mechanical, electrical, and environmental standards.

The X-2 is provided with an impedance of either 50 Ω or 75 Ω, and is offered vertical or right-angel stacked configurations for optimum design flexibility. Moreover, the jacks can be ganged together for enhanced installation efficiencies. These connectors can be mounted to PCBs used in professional video, broadcast video switching, security video, medical equipment, radio frequency patch panels, test equipment, and lab instrumentation.

Made of nickel-plated zinc with gold-plated contacts, the metal body X-2 features a gray insulating cover. The cover facilitates customer-applied identification marking when required.

Dual 364

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
364A2595 datasheet link364A2595CONN BNC JACK R/A 50 OHM PCB704 - Immediate
364A2595 product page link
364M2795 datasheet link364M2795CONN BNC JACK R/A 75 OHM PCB383 - Immediate
364M2795 product page link
364M2595 datasheet link364M2595CONN BNC JACK R/A 50 OHM PCB1090 - Immediate
364M2595 product page link
364A2795 datasheet link364A2795CONN BNC JACK R/A 75 OHM PCB74 - Immediate
364A2795 product page link
364A2595BFSDUAL BNC 50 OHM BK FULL SH0364A2595BFS product page link
364M2795FSTX-2 DUAL BNC MTL FUL SHLD 75OHM0364M2795FST product page link
364A2795B datasheet link364A2795BCONN BNC JACK R/A 75 OHM PCB0364A2795B product page link
364A2595B datasheet link364A2595BCONN BNC JACK R/A 50 OHM PCB0364A2595B product page link
364A2595FSCONN BNC JACK R/A 50 OHM PCB0364A2595FS product page link
364M2595FS datasheet link364M2595FSCONN BNC JACK R/A 50 OHM PCB0364M2595FS product page link
364A2795FS datasheet link364A2795FSCONN BNC JACK R/A 75 OHM PCB0364A2795FS product page link
364M2795FS datasheet link364M2795FSCONN BNC JACK R/A 75 OHM PCB0364M2795FS product page link
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Published: 2013-10-07